Is TSM replacing Treatz with Biofrost for Golden Guardians set?

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 20, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

After Team SoloMid dropped to the lower bracket in the 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs, the team has seemingly been evaluating their bottom lane once again.

TSM recently announced on Twitter that Erik “Treatz” Wessén will be the starting support for the academy team when they face Evil Geniuses Academy in the summer split semifinals. 

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang will be scrimming with the LCS roster in the meantime. According to TSM, the two supports are splitting scrim time to decide which support is the best for their important match against Golden Guardians. 

Treatz replaced Biofrost in the middle of the summer split after some shaky performances from the team. Treatz had been crushing it in the academy league for a while, so he was the most obvious player to swap in. 

The addition of Treatz gave TSM a fresh boost in their play and immediately saw the team winning more games than they had previously. Treatz and the rest of TSM won six out of their next eight games, placing them fourth going into the playoffs. But while the end of the split looked great, TSM instantly got knocked down to the losers bracket after losing 0-3 to Golden Guardians in the first round of the playoffs. 

The roster swap is a clear reaction to the shaky playoffs performance from TSM. Even though they beat Dignitas 3-0, they still didn’t look convincing enough.

It’s not the first time that TSM makes late-season roster swaps, either. Last year, TSM switched between three junglers throughout the year and ended up using Mingyi “Spica” Lu in the summer playoffs.  Spica was a rookie and wasn’t ready to play such important games on stage. The confusion in the jungle put TSM in a bad position, getting the team knocked out in the quarterfinals and leading to their missing a spot at the 2019 World Championship. 

The team’s fans are afraid that history is about to repeat itself if TSM makes a swap in the support position this late in the season. 

Treatz seems to be against Biofrost move by TSM

Being subbed out right before the most important match of the split is never fun, but Treatz might have been a bit too quick to react on social media. The Swedish support liked a tweet from a Twitter user saying that he felt bad for Treatz and that it’s too late to decide which support is better. 

Blog post image

The like from Treatz could indicate that he will indeed be replaced by Biofrost and that he does not agree with the decision. Treatz defended the situation by saying it was an “accident,” after which he also deleted a few tweets that made after the announcement. 

It’s still not official which support player TSM will use for its match against Golden Guardians. The match is a must-win for both teams if they want to continue the battle for the LCS trophy. 


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