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Is there too much burst damage in LoL? Riot looking into damage issues

By Nicholas James


Dec 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has released its latest gameplay thoughts and larger processes headed into 2022. From Chemtech Drake to burst damage, there’s a lot that Riot wants to address. The last Quick Gameplay Thoughts article for 2021 has Riot’s sights set on several key issues with League of Legends at the given moment.

Preseason problems addressed by Riot

Riot’s developer post begins with addressing preseason changes and short-term goals for the Summoner’s Rift team. The first thing that Riot notes is that it has its eyes on the controversial Chemtech Drake. The terrain and soul effect of the Chemtech dragon have been the recipients of extensive fan complaints.

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The zone of camouflage created by the polluted epic monster can result in supremely unfun gameplay for teams who end up behind. With normal wards not working, players are forced to spend gold to merely have the opportunity to contest large portions of their jungle. The Chemtech Soul’s revive mechanic can also become ludicrously oppressive when playing from behind and trying to come back.

Riot also made comment about looking at both Teleport, which has changes upcoming to limit its use in the early game. Top lane continues to be a focus for its other goals, which involve reworking some fighter items to make them feel more distinct.

League of Legends’ burst damage problem

League of Legends fans have been complaining about damage creep for a long time. As champions get more and more modern, damage seems to continually be added to more and more aspects of their kits. From Vex to Akshan to Viego, plenty of new champions end having overwhelming amounts of burst damage upon release.

Riot says its still looking into how burst damage functions in League of Legends right now, but that developeres believe that burst damage is too high and happening too frequently.

Riot also addressed the concept of healing creep, with runes and items offering plenty of sustain for champions who need it to stay healthy.

Both of these inquiries will take time and won’t be addressed in the immediate future, but LoL fans can look forwards to systems overhauls in 2022.


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