Widejoy mode in Valorant

Is there actually a Widejoy mode in Valorant for April Fools?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Looking for the new Widejoy mode in Valorant but can’t find it? Well, April Fools!

Fans have dozens of Valorant-related memes, but the Widejoy glitched card remains unmatched. A new trailer published on the official Valorant page raised the hopes of the Widejoy fans, but it’s all just a prank. Unfortunately, the iconic meme isn’t returning in this way, so don’t go searching for the new feature in the game. 

Valorant developer has brought back the legendary wide Killjoy in a trailer for April Fool’s day. The happy-go-lucky agent is the perfect pick for this clever stunt. 

Why is Widejoy mode not available in Valorant? 

Widejoy isn’t a real game mode. Riot Games revived the cheeky meme to celebrate April Fools’ day and have fun with Valorant players. 

Widejoy was a happy accident in Valorant that gave birth to a legendary meme. A card glitched into an ultra-wide version which became popular among the fans who bought an entire battle pass just to partake in the foolery. Much to fans’ disappointment, the developer retracted the card. So, when the trailer for Widejoy mode was released, it naturally had fans on their toes. 

The Valorant April Fools’ day trailer featured a regular Killjoy until a beat dropped, stretching her into a much broader version. The hilariously weird player model carried out all shooting tasks normally, except in her wide form. Widejoy looked comical next to a regular Kay/O, one of the giant agents in Valorant. The prank became obvious when Killjoy could barely fit into the doors on Breeze. Her wide shoulders won’t let her walk through the spacious doors. 

The video wrapped up in an amusing “available yesterday” message, confirming that no such mode exists. Many players still fell for it, and it’s hard to blame them. Widejoy is pretty popular and irresistible. 

Why did Riot remove Widejoy? 

The Widejoy card was removed when Riot fixed the bug

Despite player requests and a movement dedicated to keeping Killjoy in the game, Riot Games removed the glitched card. The Widejoy meme may be famous, but it was still a bug. The developer introduced a brand new banner to immortalize the iconic legend in a #SaveWidejoy card.