What's wrong with Omen?

Is Omen’s teleport ability broken? TP glitches plague agent

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Omen may not be Valorant’s top controller anymore, but many still run him in high-stake games. However, dedicated players complain that Riot has broken Omen’s teleport. 

Valorant has a few impactful controllers in the current patch, but Omen ruled the category a few months ago with paranoia and large purple shrouds. However, multiple tweaks minimized the viability of his kit. Omen mains are complaining that the developer has “broken” the controller. 

Omen’s teleport or Shrouded step used to be his specialty. No other agent could slither through the map and surprise enemies as Omen did. But his pick-rate plunged drastically after Riot Games nerfed his smoke and flash, which caused players to prefer other smokers over him. Omen quickly became the worst smoker after spending months in the big leagues. 

What’s wrong with Omen’s TP? 

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Players think that Omen’s TP has become more random and glitchy. In risky situations, players would rather pick a duel than trust Omen’s TP to land on expected spots. 

Omen has gone through multiple tweaks and secret nerfs. As a result, his kit has become inconsistent, as shown in the video. A player named goldentoasti shared a clip in which Omen teleports to a whole different spot instead of the intended location. This happens twice, proving that his kit is, in fact, broken. Instead of landing on the first stone step, Omen teleports to the top step due to a Shrouded step glitch. 

This is a crucial issue as it puts remaining Omen-mains into a risky situation. For example, the first stone step is comparatively safer as it hides the players from B elbow. If this glitch occurs in high-stake games, players would be exposed to multiple angles. This problem is recent as the controller could easily TP to pointed areas before. If Omen couldn’t, he’d notify the players that a particular area is unreachable.

Is Omen going to get buffed in Valorant? 

Riot Games is currently working on a Yoru rework, so players shouldn’t expect Omen to be repaired anytime soon. Omen-mains will have to make his current kit work that is still powerful, according to many popular streamers like Flexinja. 

The controller can still do the impossible by moving across the map using his ultimate. However, recent leaks and rumors pointed at Omen buffs that would dampen his TP audio and add a flash to his X ability. The reports were likely false since Riot Games still hasn’t addressed Omen issues.

Still, players should keep their fingers crossed and wait for Omen’s glory days to return.