Is new agent Deadeye being teased in this Fracture trailer?

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Fracture’s trailer dropped with a bang, and it highlights a significant hint for agent 17.

Riot Games recently expanded the map pool with the addition of an H-shaped locale Fracture. Many players overlooked a massive detail in the trailer while they were busy admiring the map’s foliage covered half next to damaged facilities. The developer might have introduced agent 17, Deadeye, in the trailer for Fracture. 

Lore-heavy map Fracture shines a light on mirrored narrative of the game and is the first map to do so. This map is all about the backstory of Earth-1 and Earth-2, building further on Valorant’s lore. With all this information introduced in a short trailer, many missed that the narrator’s voice that didn’t sound like any existing agent. That narrator is likely none other than Deadeye, Valorant’s new agent. 

Previously, Riot Games has been keen at adding agents with solid accents that represent their backgrounds well. Deadeye’s accent in the trailer confirms that he hails from France, making him the first French agent in the protocol. His irreverent yet refined tone aligns with Deadeye’s persona observed so far from the intel slipped through the cracks. 

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The previous images caught from cinematics presented a dapper agent with a crystal eye and pushed back hair. The voice perfectly matches that image, but it’s slightly hostile and chilling. The narrator is likely divulging into the power of Radianite, but he never names the unknown item. However, the pink bullet loaded with a dangerous fluid hint that Radianite is vital to Deadeye. 

“Incredible – That something so small could create such opportunity. Their efforts were noble, but sacrifices must be made. Ah, such a pity,” the narrator says. 

Who is Valorant’s agent 17, Deadeye? 

We have plenty of data on the upcoming agent 17 named Deadeye. The recent Fracture first look confirms that he’s French and fancies svelte clothing much like Cypher. Looking at the trailer, it’s safe to say that Deadeye will have a mysterious backstory that will change the existing Valorant lore. 

The Valorant protocol currently has the perfect number of agents in each category except for Sentinels. This group only has three agents featuring Cypher, Sage, and Killjoy. So, count on Deadeye to spawn in the Sentinel category as a sharp-witted agent who blocks flanks and exposes enemy locations. 

Currently, Killjoy is the only Sentinel who deals in damage. This might change in Act 2. Pink bullet in the trailer points that Deadeye may have a Radianite powered ultimate that may cause injury to the enemies. Similar to Sova, his kit may include a penetrable projectile that detects enemies but also renders damage to them.