Is Jake Paul fighting Andrew Tate next? Heated teaser says so

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Boxing fans instantly grabbed popcorn when Jake Paul dropped a cheeky teaser of his potential fight against controversial figure and professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate.

The former YouTube prankster and latest boxing hotshot recently bagged his career’s biggest win. Defeating Anderson “The Spider” Silva in the eight-round slobber knocker was no walk in the park. It was a massive deal for Jake Paul and his fans, but the boxer wasn’t pleased with the audience turnout. The high-profile event failed to do numbers like his previous fights. So now, Jake Paul seems to be looking at controversial personalities for a quick bout.

On the heels of defeating the UFC legend, “The Problem Child” is negotiating with former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate for a fight.

The 6-0 undefeated Jake Paul shared a short teaser on his Twitter featuring controversial figure Andrew Tate. Unlike his previous fights, this six-second clip was enough to bring the boxing fans to their toes.

The video titled “negotiating” featured Andrew Tate and Jake Paul facing each other, taut in a fighting pose. This has led the fans to believe that Tate might be the next in the line of fighters who want to square off against Jake Paul.

Andrew Tate and Jake Paul’s potential fight stirs excitement

Andrew Tate has been out of the ring for quite a long, and his responses to previous challenges have been lukewarm. The kickboxer had called out Jake Paul for a fight in 2020, but it didn’t pan out. So now, it seems Andrew Tate is next in line with the spate of the potential matchup against the undefeated.

The controversial social media influencer has previously turned down the likes of KSI, Floyd Mayweather, and more. So, this matchup seems like a friendly mega-money boxing clash. Whatever the outcome, fans of boxing are surely in for a treat as both figures have managed to garner a massive following over the internet.

So far, Jake Paul has only dropped a short teaser. More details about the potential fight should be revealed soon.


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