Vandal vs Phantom

Is it bad to switch between Vandal and Phantom?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The unceasing Vandal versus Phantom debate is still is in force after a year into Valorant’s release. However, players have now become more flexible.

The Vandal versus Phantom argument is as old as the game itself. Players firmly believed that you should either be a Vandal user or a Phantom one. But, as the game matures into a cut-throat first-person shooter, the player base is also learning newer things. Many players have started switching both weapons, but some think it’s not a good habit.

Should you swap between Vandal and Phantom? 

Changing your weapon of choice according to the situation is highly recommended in Valorant. If you’re an older player who has extensive experience in FPS games and understands guns, you’ll find it more convenient to juggle between the two weapons instead of sticking to one. 

Tracking and spraying are a big part of the reason why some believe switching ruins your aim. Phantom sprays are easier to execute and it may be tough to replicate on a weapon like Vandal. However, the headshot potential and damage rate in both weapons are pretty similar in most ranges. That means if your spray is accurate, there are high chances you’ll end up getting the kill on both guns.

Some players like to stick with one weapon but many experienced players like Michael “shroud” Grzesiek understand that each gun is suitable in certain instances. However, it’s a common belief that switching between the two messes up your gunplay. Turns out it’s not entirely true. Even if you switch to Vandal after spraying with Phantom for months, your gunplay won’t see much change. You may get better at using Phantom after learning to pop heads with Vandal. 

Why you should switch between Vandal and Phantom

Both the guns have more or less similar specifications. However, the Vandal works significantly better in the long-range due to its one-tap potential, whereas Phantom is more effective in close range due to the heavy fire rate. Phantom is also highly forgiving on bad aim days. Apart from these major differences, both the weapons deliver the same results in medium-range duels. 

Winning battles in a map like Breeze and Ascent becomes tenfold easier when you’re comfortable playing both guns. For example, Vandal might not achieve the same results in a duel against attackers when you’re playing B forward. But it’s crucial to opt for it on Breeze’s point A if you’re scouting a site from Bridge. 

If you’re a new player, it’s recommended to understand both the weapons before jumping in ranked. Constant switching may not work for newer players who struggle with aiming. But it’s best to start practicing with the Vandal and Phantom to increase your odds of winning on both sides. 


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