Is G2 Esports the dark horse in Worlds 2020?

By Melany Moncada


Oct 8, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Group A is done. Suning and G2 Esports are advancing to the next stage of the 2020 World Championship as the first and second seed respectively.

After a tiebreaker, Suning secured the first seed in group A. The game was decided by a game-winning flank from top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin. Suning has made it clear it’s a contender. But heading to the next stage, all eyes are on G2.

The European squad is known for having dominant performance and what they like to call “happy” games. G2 can be incredibly dominant or be run over by a weaker opponent. It’s undeniable that G2 still is a world-class team with talented players that can outperform any team in the event. Yet, G2 is not in the conversation as one of the favorites to take the title this year.

Is everyone sleeping on G2 at Worlds 2020?

After winning the Mid-Season Invitational in 2019, G2 arrived at Worlds as the favorite to win it all, only to crash and burn in finals. This year, G2 is not even expected to make it to finals. It might have something to do with G2’s struggles in summer and the quality of the competition at Worlds.

G2 still recovering from a rough summer

G2 won the summer season, but it wasn’t an easy ride. The team almost missed playoffs and had to compete in the lower bracket. G2 won finals with a clean 3-0, but it wasn’t enough to make everyone forget the previous series.

Heading to Worlds, there were many questions about G2. After two matches, it felt like the old G2 was back. Then came the upset by the hand of the winless Team Liquid. That loss shook G2 and forced the team to reassess its game plan.

On the final day of groups, G2 looked better, but not like a number one team. Suning had G2’s number in both encounters and bleed it out for two decisive victories. Now, G2 is advancing as the second seed, meaning that it will face the strongest team from another group in quarterfinals.

G2’s best chance is to draft the number one from Group C. If everything goes according to plan, it might be either Gen.G or Fnatic, two teams that G2 can take down on a good day.

Is G2 the dark horse at Worlds 2020?

If G2 drafts a team from either group B or group C, it won’t be as doomed as everyone thinks. G2 has provedn that it can go head to head with the best teams in the world. If G2 is focused and has a good draft, they might challenge even the favorites in the tournament.

It’s not over for G2. If there’s one team that can pull off an upset in the next stage, it’s G2. Those that are not considering G2 as a contender because of its shaky group run, are seriously underestimating the European squad. G2 has the agency and the experience. It also has the playstyle to match up the LPL squads.

Just a piece of advice: Don’t write off G2 just yet.


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