Is CSGO poker the same as normal poker?

By William Davis


Mar 11, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

In today’s world, much of our daily lives involve the use of the Internet in some way. Naturally, the online poker scene has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and has given rise to many new types of online poker games. But can these new versions hold a candle to the original?

What is CSGO poker?

If you’re a fan of regular online poker sites, you’ve likely come across the name CSGO Poker. But you might not be familiar with what CSGO is, or now it relates to online poker. CSGO is an acronym for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is an online multiplayer first person shooter for the PC. 

The Counter-Strike series of games has always had a massive and passionate global fanbase that are willing to shell out the cash to support their favorite game, or just to enhance their experience. Players of Global Offensive get skins, which are costumes for their playable character, as rewards. CSGO Poker is based on trading these skins in place of chips to play poker.

Is CSGO poker different from normal poker?

CSGO poker is just like normal poker. The key difference between CSGO and poker on another traditional website is that in CSGO poker, you’re betting with skins. However, the rules of the game don’t change. As poker itself has certain variances and different types of games, such as Texas Hold’em, these variants are also available in CS:GO Poker, depending on the website and its offerings. 

Why should you play CSGO poker?

CSGO Poker is a unique hybrid of two different things. Ideally, you should be an avid fan of Counter-Strike as well as online poker to get the most enjoyment out of CSGO Poker. The greatest benefit that playing CSGO Poker can provide a user is that a savvy player can use their unused skins to earn huge rewards, if they play their cards right. 

Getting a rare and valuable skin can be a jackpot as they are known to sell for exorbitant amounts of real world money. By playing it smart with CSGO Poker, you can generate a stream of revenue for yourself by utilizing the excess in-game items you’ve earned! 

How to play CSGO poker?

Let’s go through the basic process of playing CSGO Poker. The first step is to identify a reliable and popular website that lets you play CSGO. You need to watch out for scams and should only use sites with positive reviews from trusted websites. Once you’ve selected a website, you need to create an account. 

You should already have an account on Steam, which is the platform used to play CSGO. You need to deposit your skins from your Steam account in the poker site’s account, so that they can be used as chips. From here, you can choose to play the wide selection of poker games the website has to offer.

CSGO Poker is the latest branch of the ever-expanding CSGO community. It’s where gamers can step away from the base multiplayer shooting experience and try something different and more relaxing. Poker can be anything but relaxing at times, but if you’ve ever played a tense round of Counter-Strike, you will revel in the different pace and experience that CSGO Poker has to offer. 

There are also plenty of good news stories about games converting standard skins into many of the priciest and most famous skins in the game via these poker websites. So, if you’re better at poker than you are at CSGO, you can still get your hands on those rare skins in no time!