CS2 server status

Is CS2 down? How to check CS2 server status

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 27, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike 2 undergoes regular maintenance every week. Here’s how to check the CS2 server status to find out why your game isn’t launching. 

Valve takes CS2 back to the shop each week to iron out bugs and ensure a quality gaming experience. This is called scheduled maintenance, but sometimes CS2 can go down for unscheduled maintenance as well. This often happens when game-breaking bugs need a hotfix. 

Scheduled maintenance takes place every Tuesday. If your game is down during the week, don’t worry. Check out the CS2 server maintenance schedule:

  • 16:00 PST
  • 19:00 EST
  • 11:00 GMT

However, if you encounter launch issues other than Tuesday, it’s worth checking the CS2 server status before applying fixes. 

How to check CS2 server status

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Steamstat is the best way to check the status of a CS2 server. It’s a credible website that shows server status changes in real-time. 

If the text next to CS2 API says Normal, it means the servers are working per usual, and the issue may be on your end. Steamstat includes other valuable stats, including server status. From online players to inventories, data on this website is accurate and trustworthy. 

Another credible website to check Steam or CS2 status is Down Detector. You may check the status of CS2 and view comments from the community at Down Detector to see if others are experiencing similar issues. 

Finally, the simplest way to do this follow CS2’s social media and follow Valve directly to see if the game is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. Alternatively, you can ask online friends if their game is running normally or if they are experiencing issues similar to yours. 

It is highly unlikely that CS2 will experience server issues on days other than Tuesday. However, if the problem persists, it is worth verifying game files and restarting Steam as an administrator.