Brimstone minimap

Is Brimstone’s arm map bugged? Players encounter issue with smokes

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players are complaining that Brimstone’s arm map may not be accurate, causing his smoke clouds to drop at incorrect spots. 

With the expansion of Valorant protocol in each act, the original smoker Brimstone’s pick rate saw a dip. Fewer players now choose to run the controller agent in ranked games. However, those who firmly believe in Brimstone’s power have noticed a slight issue with his minimap. 

A player named EmEhAreSeeOh shared a short video explaining how sometimes Brimstone’s smoke misses the mark and leaves dangerous empty spaces. 

Brimstone is equipped with three large globes of smokes and an incendiary. While his simple toolkit is easy to learn, it can sometimes come short in maps like Breeze and Icebox. Players can fulfill the same purpose with other agents who can do the job better. Despite these shortcomings, some smoker players still prefer Brimstone over other controllers. The underrated controller has come under the scrutiny of smoker mains. 

Instead of lining up his smokes like other agents, Brimstone has his minimap installed on his wrist. While it’s super convenient to block entrances this way, some players believe that map may not be accurate. The arm map can sometimes throw your smokes at the wrong points, putting you in danger’s way. 

His smokes are the largest in-game but the map issue can leave wide spaces exposed. The player revealed that even when you point the circular marker in the right place, the smoke would leave some area open for enemies to peak through. This can be deadly in ranked games where teams heavily rely on Brimstone’s everlasting dust clouds. 

Is Brimstone’s smoke map inaccurate?

While misplaced smokes do seem like a map bug, it’s likely just a location issue. Unlike other controllers, Brimstone’s smokes drop from the sky. It’s possible that the smoke hit the ceilings and overhangs and fell a little far from the pointed area.

EmEhAreSeeOh’s video clip shows an overhang in the pinned location, which might have caused the displacement. If the smoke was pointed a bit more to the left, it might have dropped on top of the ceiling. However, it’s unclear whether the map is bugged or not since a few other players have encountered a similar issue. It could be an occasional bug that causes smokes to leave empty spaces.