Big Chungus

Is Big Chungus coming to MultiVersus as a new fighter?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 28, 2022

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Big Chungus started as a meme, became an icon, and now it may become a fighter in MultiVersus.

Recent leaks have hinted that Big Chungus is coming to MultiVersus, Warner Bros.’ platform fighter. On August 27, fighting game reporter Andrew Marmo found that Warner Bros. had actually trademarked Big Chungus for use in a video game.

According to the leaked information, the trademark was filed on August 26. It will give Warner Bros the ability to use Big Chungus’ name and likeness in a video game. While Big Chungus may be getting his own game, the obese version of Bugs Bunny is rumored to be joining the ever-growing MultiVersus roster.

Others speculate that Big Chungus could be an alternate skin for Bugs Bunny. Big Chungus may also be an in-game taunt or emote.

This is weirdly not the first time Big Chungus has appeared in a video game. The internet meme was featured in Loony Tunes: World of Mayhem, a mobile game.

For now, however, Big Chungus joining MultiVersus in any way is simply a rumor. With developers saying that they are hoping to keep adding more and more characters to the expanding roster, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Big Chungus fighting alongside Iron Giant and Harley Quinn.

What is the origin of Big Chungus?

Big Chungus is a photoshopped Bugs Bunny image that became popular in 2017.

The term “chungus” is currently credited to Jim Sterling, a gaming critic who used the word in 2012. The childish insult was a blend of “chunky” and “anus.”

An image of the obese Bugs Bunny was posted on 4chan in 2017. The image is from a 1941 cartoon called “Wabbit Twouble.” When it was posted on 4chan, it was captioned with the word “chungus.” A Redditor decided to create a fake PlayStation 4 game cover featuring the large Bugs Bunny, calling it Big Chungus.

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The video game cover spread all over the internet, from Twitter to Facebook groups. It started to go viral in December 2018 when a story came out about a mother allegedly attempting to buy the fake game for her son.


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