Is Andy Dinh’s bullying dragging down TSM?

By Nicholas James


Jan 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

TSM founder Andy “Reginald” Dinh has been the subject of great criticism in recent months for alleged bullying. TSM fans are now beginning to wonder if the behavior of “Regi” could be behind some of the team’s performance issues.

Dinh has become the target of an investigation by Riot Games concerning vindictive and toxic behavior unbecoming of organizational leadership. Wired released a report earlier today that detailed abuse matching the community discussion in late 2021 that had focused on Dinh’s bullying.

Riot Games investigates Andy “Reginald” Dinh for bullying

Peng “Doublelift” Yilang’s discussed in the offseason about Dinh’s past behavior during Doublelift’s time on TSM and his disrespect towards players and staff. According to Doublelift, Dinh regularly shouted at and bullied players and staff, and that he had made members of the organization cry on multiple occasions. This combined with an exodus of TSM staff including Leena Xu had many fans lending credence to the complaints.

These complaints were echoed by other community members, and Doublelift said that Dinh’s direct involvement in the League of Legends roster’s playoffs process was a significant issue. In the Wired report, employees describe mental abuse and toxicity as a staple of working under Dinh.

Multiple complaints detail a sense of job insecurity for the team’s players due to Dinh’s temper and the severe language used by the TSM founder. TSM made its brand in League of Legends, and Dinh has always been a contentious figure in the scene. These allegations, alongside major departures from the organization, have left many with a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to TSM.

Is Reginald hurting TSM’s reputation?

With Reginald as one of the founding members of TSM, the company is closely tied in the eyes of fans to its senior leadership. During Reginald’s time as a pro player, there are well-known videos of Dinh berating and verbally abusing TSM players and teammates, including shouting at top laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill during a live stream and criticizing Alex “Xpecial” Chu relentlessly following an LCS loss.

It will be a difficult task for TSM to rebuild good will with fans should Riot Games’ report result in action being taken, or official substantiation from the League of Legends developer be released regarding Dinh’s alleged bullying.


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