Is a surprise Kassadin rework and VGU coming to League?

By Nicholas James


Mar 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New splash art for Kassadin has hit League of Legends’ PBE, and it has fans and players alike asking if there is a new Kassadin rework coming as a result.

Riot Games has gotten into the pattern of releasing two champion reworks each year, one voted on by fans and players, and the other chosen internally by Riot. New splash art on the PBE might indicate a Kassadin rework is forthcoming, especially with an upcoming Void world event already being rumored.

Is new splash art heralding a Kassadin rework?

New splash art for Kassadin appeared on the Public Beta Environment, League of Legends’ public testing server. The new art keeps Kassadin’s iconic look while making it much more thematically appropriate for his associated regions. The new art maintains his signature mask and breathing tubes, as well as his spiked purple armor, but makes an effort to make it seem more evocative of both Shurima and the Void.

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Around Kassadin’s waist is a Shuriman clasp, and portions of his outfit including his pants and robes bear battered Shuriman patterns. The rest of his body is covered in dark blue and purple void armor. Two large pauldrons with Void crystals have been added, reminiscent of the growths on the symbiote his daughter Kai’Sa uses.

Some fans have noticed a similarity between the new Kassadin art’s location and Kai’Sa default splash art. Given clues of Riot setting up a world event in Shurima involving the Void and the new hive queen champion, a reunion between Kassadin and his daughter alongside an update would make sense.

Other champions have had their visuals changed through VGUs in other games ahead of updates, with Caitlyn and Ahri both taking on new looks elsewhere before visual updates in League of Legends alongside some mechanical changes. For Caitlyn this meant the loss of some auto-canceling combinations, while Ahri got a gameplay refresh ahead of an upcoming Aesthetic Sustainability Update from Riot.

Kassadin is one of the game’s oldest champions, and touching up his gameplay and aesthetic makes sense ahead of a large Void event. Whether or not this is just a change to his splash art will only be seen in time.


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