Indiefoxx gets her third Twitch ban in one month for explicit content

Fariha Bhatti • February 23, 16:20

Twitch streamer Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres is under Twitch’s ban hammer for the third time in one month. 

Indiefoxx is now on a triple ban streak from Twitch, with her account suffering its third ban within a span of 30 days. The streamer’s previous history with Twitch implied inappropriate attire as a possible reason, later confirmed by Indiefoxx herself. 

The streamer was first banned on January 28 after violating the nudity and attire policy. Her jacuzzi broadcast was highlighted by jakenbake, who instilled that her swimsuit was see-through. Soon after Jakenbake’s clip, Indiefoxx was handed her first ban, which didn’t change much for her. After returning from a three-day block, Indiefoxx’s bold broadcast seemed to ridicule Twitch’s policies. Her second ban soon followed for writing subscribers’ alias on her body parts, testing nudity policies. 

Indiefoxx banned on Twitch during music stream

It seems that Indiefoxx’s complicated relationship with Twitch is far from over, as she’s once again booted off Twitch. The streamer claims that she was the “epitome of wholesome” on her music Livestream, which still led to her third ban. 

While no one knows the nature of the content, the email implies that her stream had violated Twitch’s nudity and attire policy once again. Indiefoxx is insistent that anything explicit on her stream wasn’t intentional. She continued her Twitter rant and said that her stream wasn’t inappropriate, but it’s Twitch’s policies that are sexist enough to sexualize a woman’s body. 

“This makes me realize how sexualized the woman’s body is, even when I’m not being sexual at all,” Indiefoxx said

Her last two bans kept her from streaming for three days each. However, bans in quick succession are likely to get her suspended from the platform. Twitch holds a record of past violations and no change in behavior may lead to indefinite suspension of an account. 

Following her recent ban, Indiefoxx has responded and clarified her stance. Still, it remains to be seen what actually was in the video to establish whether Twitch’s ban is justified. Twitch has a history of handing out inconsistent bans against the streamers and has remained in the spotlight for the past few months for its double standards.

Most specifically, a ban of three days handed to streamer Missbehavin for exposing her bottom on Twitch in contrast with Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ indefinite ban for accidentally playing a GIF featuring horse genitalia.


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