If CSGO goes to Source 2, will it get a beta? How will it work?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could be getting a massive makeover for its 10th anniversary, and any Source 2 update should come with an open beta.

CSGO on Source 2 is looking more likely by the day. Dataminers revealed several mentions of the tactical shooter in the code for Valve’s more advanced game engine just a few days ago. While not definitive, these few lines of code could hint toward a massive move over to Source 2. Based on previous Source 2 ports, will CSGO get a beta test for the new engine?

Dota 2’s own transfer to Source 2 set a precedent for how Valve will handle these kinds of updates. For Dota 2 Reborn on Source 2, Valve held an open beta that started on June 17, 2015. Over the course of four months, Valve continuously polished the game with the help of player feedback. Everything from simple menu navigation to in-game controls were adapted to work on Source 2. 

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Valve would have a very difficult time fixing all those problems on its own, so it will probably open up a CSGO Source 2 beta test to get the community’s help.

If CSGO goes to Source 2, how will a beta work?

Valve has not yet announced a beta test for Source 2 CSGO, but if it does happen, there’s a precedent for how players should be able to join.

Assuming Valve uses the same system as Dota 2 Reborn, the CSGO beta should be available to all players for free. It should become available as an alternate launch option when opening the game through Steam. It’s possible that Valve will use a closed beta system for professional players before opening it up to the public. Either way, CSGO players shouldn’t have to jump through many hoops to join the Source 2 beta test.

If the current rumors about a CSGO Source 2 update are true, it will most likely coincide with the 10th anniversary of CSGO. Valve took special care not to release Dota 2’s Source 2 transfer in the middle of the competitive season, so CSGO’s official Source 2 port will probably release during a lull in the sports scene. PGL Major Antwerp ends on Sunday, May 22, 2022. That makes June or July a prime spot for the official update.


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