Iconic Door Stuck meme returns to CS2 in a new bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 7, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 is still in beta so everyone had expected a litany of bugs. But the iconic “Door Stuck” cameo on Nuke has taken everyone by surprise.

Valve recently swapped out Mirage for Nuke, bringing a change of scenery to CS2’s dusty pool. Most players were glad Mirage is gone, even though Nuke isn’t their top favorite map due to its confusing layout. However, it’s surely no longer a boring location, thanks to a recent glitch that’s been making rounds.

While playing a game of CS2 in beta, streamer, and notable personality Austin accidentally got stuck between the wooden door on A site. The hilarious glitch is reminiscent of the iconic Door Stuck meme from Counter-Strike 2 1.6, which garnered 28 million views on YouTube. So, when Austin got stuck in the door, it had the entire CS player base laughing in tears.

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The best part is that the new glitch isn’t merely a meme. It actually serves a massive benefit for the player stuck between the jamb and door. The wooden door works like a shield when you’re behind it, protecting you from incoming bullets. So, whoever’s holding this angle would be able to net easy kills from safety.

However, the view would be slightly blocked, and movement would be limited as well due to the door. Enemies may also flank you. But you can always get out of the door by pressing E and switching positions when necessary. Still, the makeshift armor makes up for the inconvenience of being stuck in a door.

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This bug is replicable but rare. So, players would have to try many times to replicate the legendary meme. While it’s hilarious, the bug is also quite game-breaking. Don’t be surprised if Valve rolls out a new patch to fix up the broken door on Nuke.


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