Ibai smashes Twitch records with 3.3 million-viewer event

By Steven Rondina


Jun 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Spanish streamer Ibai “Ibai” Llanos Garatea smashed Twitch viewership recors with special event “LA VELADA DEL AÑO II.”

Ibai ranks among the largest streamers in the world and flexed those muscles on June 25. “The Evening of the Year 2” attracted an enormous international audience. Viewership peaked at over 3.3 million.

This destroys the previous record set by David Cánovas “TheGrefG” Martínez who clocked in over 2.4 million viewers in January 2021 for the reveal of a new Fortnite skin modeled after him. TheGrefG appeared at the event to ceremonially pass on the record to Ibai.

La Velada del Ano II was a huge event, packing an arena for a series of celebrity boxing matches including other content creators. It also included a concert and other festivities. The event garnered incredible mainstream attention in Europe. This was evident from the list of sponsors which included streaming services Disney+ and Spotify, electronics manufacturer Samsung, and gaming subscription service PlayStation Plus.

The event attracting a huge audience isn’t a huge surprise as the previous installment caused serious stability issues with Twitch. This year’s ran much more smoothly, with all parties enjoying a record-breaking night as a result.

Who is Ibai, the Twitch viewership record holder?

Ibai is a Twitch streamer based out of Barcelona, Spain. He now owns the record for largest concurrent viewership in Twitch history.

He emerged in 2014 as a League of Legends broadcast personality and grew from there. He has served as an announcer for events including Worlds and is a part-owner of Superliga team KOI Esports. Ibai’s work on the microphone isn’t limited to League of Legends esports, as he has also worked FIFA and Rocket League events. While Ibai still streams League of Legends, he is effectively a variety streamer that has most recently been enjoying FIFA 2022, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Fortnite.

Though Ibai was already a big name, there’s no question that running the largest event in Twitch history will serve as a huge boost for him.