Ibai breaks viewership record in June, tops xQc in watch time

Olivia Richman • July 4, 2022 1:59 pm

Twitch superstar Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been at the top of the viewership charts for quite some time but he has been dethroned by Ibai “Ibai” Llanos.

Spanish streamer Ibai just broke Twitch viewership records with his second Night of the Year stream. The special event had content creators boxing each other after receiving professional coaching. The event also had a live audience, adding to the hype for Twitch viewers. Over 3 million people watched Ibai’s Night of the Year 2 event.

This made him the top-viewed streamer of June, putting xQc in second. Ibai had 21.7 million hours watched compared to xQc’s 20.8 million. The two streamers were far ahead of all the rest of the pack, with Alexandre “Gaules” Borba in third for June with 12.9 million hours watched.

Top streaming viewership for Twitch in June 2022

  1. Ibai: 21,676,581
  2. xQc: 20,793,382
  3. Gaules: 12,876,611
  4. auronplay: 9,901,240
  5. Asmongold: 9,719,168
  6. fps_shaka: 9,480,637
  7. Trainwreckstv: 7,641,719
  8. ROSHTEIN: 7,527,952
  9. eliasn97: 7,520,063
  10. GamesDoneQuick: 7,030,477

All you need to know about Ibai

Despite being the most-viewed streamer in June, many people may have never heard of Ibai. In Spain, however, he’s been consistently in the top-five for streaming viewership metrics and is a leading esports Spanish-language host and commentator.

Ibai auditioned to be a caster for the Professional Video Game League at 19 in 2014. Ibai became a prominent figure with League of Legends audiences and started casting for Spanish-speaking League of Legends esports streams, including Worlds.

Ibai also did commentary for soccer matches in 2018. He was also featured as a voice actor in FIFA 20 and 21, making him a well-known persona in sports, video games, and esports.

In 2020, Ibai signed for G2 Esports as a streamer and content creator. He started hosting large charity events and streams, creating mainstream entertainment as well. Ibai currently has over 11.2 million followers on Twitch.


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