Hungrybox wins Mizkif’s Schooled stream with his calmest pop off

By Olivia Richman


Jun 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The two final streamers in Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s Schooled finale were YouTuber Ryan “NorthernLion” Letourneau and Melee God Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma. The tension was increasing as the two attempted to rack their brains for the answer to the game’s final question: “What is the relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither harmed nor helped?”

First NorthernLion attempted the final question. He was wrong. Then it was up to Hungrybox. He was wrong too. But that was enough for Hungrybox to be declared the winner. 

“Hungrybox, you are our first ever OTK Schooled out of 60 different contestants. You needed no help for anything!” Mizkif exclaimed. 

Hungrybox sat with his mouth open in shock. Then he stood up and silently walked to the back of the room, revealing that he was wearing some silly shorts that didn’t match his classy suit jacket. While he looked relieved, elated, and emotional, it was definitely the quietest pop off Hungrybox has ever shown after a victory. 

Mizkif Schooled comes to an end after drama with Kaceytron

Mizkif started hosting Schooled a to test various streamers’ and gamers’ classic trivia knowledge. The questions ranged from geography and science to pop culture, allowing contestants to show off their smarts when not playing video games. Schooled started with various qualifiers, with streamers trying to come out on top to make it to the next stage. One of those qualifiers didn’t go exactly as planned when the winner was found out to be a cheater. 

In May, Kaceytron admitted to cheating on Schooled. She apologized to Mizkif for looking up answers during the stream. She admitted she only decided to cheat because others were cheating as well, so she thought “why not?” This was after Mizkif called her out on his own stream following the end of an episode. 

“You’re stealing my money,” Mizkif said at the time. “I get that people are like, ‘Okay, Mizkif is a millionaire. Who cares?’ It’s not about the money. You’re stealing from me.”

Who is Hungrybox?

Hungrybox is known as one of the five Melee Gods for being the best Super Smash Bros Melee player in the world as of 2021. He is a Jigglypuff main sponsored by Team Liquid. Hungrybox has also done streaming and tournament commentary, and is known for his loud and hype reactions to his wins. Hungrybox even feinted in a past stream after a particularly excited pop off following an online tournament. 

Hungrybox attended the University of Florida, graduating in 2015. Through part of his Melee dominance, Hungrybox also had a full-time job as an engineer. It’s safe to say that Hungrybox is a smart guy, making it unsurprising that he didn’t need any help to win Mizkif’s Schooled competition.