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How to use the basic functions, tools, and features on Twitch

by | Jan 19, 2021

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Twitch is a live streaming service that allows people to go live and stream their favorite game, hobby, or just chat with their followers. 

In order to start live streaming with Twitch, one must know a few things first. There are many tools and features available within the service itself and a vast array of third-party applications that can enhance the viewer experience. But how does a creator get started on Twitch?

What is a Twitch streamer?

A Twitch streamer is someone who creates video content on the platform. They have their own communities, they connect with their audience, and, with enough hard work and dedication, they can earn money. Some streamers even earn enough money to live stream full-time, but the average streamer makes about $30-$50 per month, while an experienced streamer earns $2,000-$5,000 per month on average. 

There are three streaming levels that folks can achieve. The first is a streamer, who is anyone just starting out in their streaming career. They do not have access to any of Twitch’s income tools such as bits or subscriptions. They make money by getting donations, and working their way up to the next rank, which is Affiliate.

Affiliates can make use of bits, subscriptions, their own custom emotes, and sub badges. Finally, there is the partner program, which Affiliates must apply for. Partner is the highest tier of Twitch streamer and has access to even more features such as more opportunities for revenue and prioritized support. 

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a subscription service to Twitch’s platform. It comes bundled with Amazon Prime subscriptions and it allows users one free Twitch subscription per month.

To use a Twitch Prime subscription, users can click on the “subscribe” button at the bottom of a streamer’s video, and a prompt will come up asking how they would like to subscribe. Clicking “Subscribe Free” will activate their Twitch Prime subscription.

Each month, users will have the option to subscribe with their Prime, even if it is with a different streamer. Twitch Prime subscriptions do not automatically renew their subscription with the same streamer each month, enabling users to choose who to give their Twitch Prime subscription to.

What is a Twitch subscriber?

Subscribing on Twitch is different than subscribing on YouTube Gaming. A subscriber on Twitch gives monetary support to the streamer and the subscriber gets access to custom emotes that the streamer has submitted to Twitch. Streamers may also choose to enable subscriber-only chat or have a subscriber-only stream. These streams are only available to moderators of the channel, VIP’s, and subscribers. 

Twitch streamers receive 50% of the profits that are given from each subscription, which is $4.99. There are different tiers, in which subscribers can unlock more emotes, and their subscription will renew every two or three months depending on the tier they selected. 

For more information, Twitch has a help page for folks who may need additional information or help.

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