How to unlock Nokstella, Eternal City for Ranni in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 19, 2022

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Nokstella, Eternal City is a secret zone in Elden Ring that can be difficult to locate but there is a way to find it.

Nokstella is the mirrored version of Nokron, Eternal City, a reflection of the zone that is unlocked by beating Starscourge Radahn. It can only be accessed as a part of the questline for Ranni the Witch, after players have completed a specific quest.

Players need to find the Fingerslayer Blade and bring it to Ranni the Witch. She will then give the player a special item that unlocks Nokstella, Eternal City.

Finding the Fingerslayer Blade for Ranni the Witch

Head along the left edge towards the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace before heading under the enormous skeletal statue. The Fingerslayer Blade and a Great Ghost Glovewort can be found in the chest underneath it. Return to Ranni and she’ll give you the Inverted Carian Statue as a reward. This can be placed on the altar in front of the Site of Grace in the Carian Study Hall’s entryway to access an inverted version of the study hall.

From here all that’s required is for the player to jump across the pit where the lift once was and head deeper into the study hall. At the end, after navigating a set of crossbeams, you will have a chance to drop down onto a wooden lift. Doing so will take you into the Divine Tower of Liurnia, find the Cursemark of Death and head back to Ranni’s Rise.

Ranni will be gone, but all you need to do is head to the northernmost tower in Three Sister’s Rise. The teleporter at the top will take you to the entrance to Nokstella after a brief sprint through a cave.

How to find Nokstella, Eternal City

Nokstella, Eternal City is a part of the Ainsel River area and is accessed via teleporter. Reaching Nokstella is part of the Elden Ring quest to get the Moonlight Greatsword.

It’s necessary to find Nokron before finding Nokstella. This comes after defeating Starscourge Radahn and following the falling comet, which opens up a pathway to Nokron. Complete this area by finding the Fingerslayer Blade for Ranni.

After handing over the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni, the player receives the Carian Inverted Statue. Place this on the altar at the entrance of Carian Study Hall to turn the building upside down. In the upside down building, climb downwards and across the rafters in order to reach a previously inaccessible elevator. This elevator leads to an entrance to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Reach the tower, head to the top, then pick up the Stargazer Heirloom and Cursemark of Death.

Doing so will activate a teleporter in Renna’s Rise, the tower found north of Ranni’s Rise. Head to the top of Renna’s Rise and use it to reach a new portion of Ainsel River. This puts the player on a one-way path to Nokstella, Eternal City.


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