molly holly

How to unlock Molly Holly in WWE 2K23

By Melany Moncada


Mar 28, 2023

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WWE 2K23 has a fantastic roster of Superstars, but not all of them are available from the start. Some Superstars are unlockable, and players must complete certain parts of the game to get them. Molly Holly is one of the unlockable Superstars, and here is how to get her in WWE 2K23.

She is a WWE Hall of Fame inductee and current producer signed to WWE. Molly Holly, who had different ring names, began training under Dean Malenko in 1997.

In WWE 2K23, Molly Holly is one of the unlockable Superstars, making her a special character in the game.

Molly Holly

Unlocking Molly Holly in WWE 2K23

To unlock Molly Holly, players must play MyRise The Legacy. This is a story mode where players take on the role of an up-and-coming Diva working her way to the top of the WWE.

Players will unlock different Molly Holly versions as they progress through MyRise The Legacy. Players who complete the “A Mighty Insult” storyline will unlock Mighty Molly. To access this storyline, players must complete the “The Face of the Company” story and respond to The Hurricane’s DM.

Completing the “Mats from the Past” storyline unlocks Molly Holly ’02. To play this storyline, talk to Kayla Braxton about Justine’s Legacy, and when given different options, choose Molly Holly.

Finally, players will unlock the final version of Molly Holly when they complete MyRise The Legacy in its entirety. The playtime for MyRise is 25 hours on average. The time might vary.

How to get all WWE 2K23 MyRise content

Molly Holly is not the only unlockable content for MyRise. Players will also receive two Justine pieces of clothing and the Wrestlemania – MyRise Arena, Raw 2002 Arena, Arena Estatal Arena, and many more.

To unlock all the content available in the game, players will also have to complete MyRise The Lock. This is a story mode that follows a male rookie in the WWE.


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