How to trigger Radahn Festival, beat Starscourge in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Mar 12, 2022

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Starscourge Radahn is an optional boss in Caelid, but Elden Ring players should start the Radahn Festival and face him even if just for the challenge.

Starscourge Radahn can be found in Redmane Castle after reaching a certain point in the story. Before this point, the castle is a dungeon with twin bosses at the end. After the Radahn fight, it will revert to a dungeon.

How to start the Radahn Festival in Elden Ring

There doesn’t seem to be a set method to start the Radahn Festival in Elden Ring.

Players have reported a wide variety of both optional and story-required events triggering the start of the Radahn Festival. The list includes collecting two Great Runes, reaching new areas, activating the Grand Lift of Dectus, finding Sorceror Sellen in the Witchbane Ruins, starting Ranni’s questline, advancing Ranni’s questline by meeting Blaidd, and more. Players have reported doing some of these things and not others, leaving the actual trigger uncertain.

It’s possible that the Radahn Festival is bugged such that Elden Ring players cannot reliably start it with any set method, and a failsafe just eventually kicks in. It’s also possible that players need to complete a certain number of a larger set of goals in order to have it begin.

Regardless, the Radahn Festival does seem to start eventually. Just keep playing the game and it seems as though it will kick in at some point.

How to beat Starscourge Radahn

Players can beat Starscourge Radahn by using the numerous summon signs around the boss arena.

After speaking to the NPC at the end of the courtyard in Castle Redmane about the festival, you’ll take a lift down to a portal. Taking this portal will bring you into the Radahn fight, but be ready to have to act immediately. Starscourge Radahn’s first phase involves him sitting on a faraway hill and sniping with his enormous bow.

Given how Radahn is a major figure in Elden Ring’s backstory, he was given special treatment in the form of unique summon mechanics by FromSoftware. Straight ahead of the entry point are several summon signs by a pile of ruined swords. These piles of damaged weapons litter the arena and will be the key to surviving Radahn’s ranged form. Immediately sprint forwards to the pile of swords and summon all the cooperators, keeping the pile between you and Radahn. Radahn will fire an arrow that deals enormous damage but stops if it hits a pile of swords, destroying that pile for the rest of the fight.

Your best bet in this first stage is to sprint between piles of swords, summoning cooperators who will charge at Radahn. Once the NPCs you’ve summoned get close enough, Radahn will pull out his swords and go to fight them at close range. This is your time to get on Torrent and close the gap to Radahn. Melee characters should get off Torrent for this phase and try to pile as much damage as they can into Radahn’s first form. Let the summoned characters take his attention and focus on shredding Radahn’s health bar.

How to dodge the meteor

Once Radahn is below half health, he’ll leap into the air and out of sight. Immediately hop on Torrent and start running in any direction. Radahn will come back down out of the sky as a flaming ball that can one-shot characters, but as long as you keep sprinting away it will always miss.

It’s likely that NPCs will have died in the first phase to Radahn’s damage, now is a great time to circle around the battlefield and resummon those that have died. Their summon signs will return to where they were originally found.

This second phase is best done on Torrent, as Torrent can outrun several of Radahn’s magical attacks. Look to run sideways past his black orbs when they target you, and jumping over his purple shockwave will prevent damage. Weave in and out of Radahn’s range, using your many summoned allies to buy time.

With these tactics, the Radahn Festival will be over in no time and you’ll have Remembrance of the Starscourge in your pocket.


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