How to transfer Boss Factory characters into Saints Row 2022

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Boss Factory is more than just a fun character creator, and players eager to jump into Saints Row can transfer their creations to the new Saints Row game this tool in mere minutes.

While Saints Row 4 isn’t the best-remembered game in the franchise, the 2022 reboot has kept one of its best features. Boss Factory is a standalone character creator for Saints Row that allows players to create their character before the game releases. Looking to get right into the action on the August 23 release date? Here’s how to transfer your Boss Factory reactions into the real game.

The first step is to download and open Boss Factory. The special character creation preview is completely free on all platforms. Once you’ve created your unique main character, make sure to save it in the top menu. Players can save multiple boss designs, so feel free to make as many as you want.

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After that, click the very bottom option on the left column menu that looks like the letter S. This will bring up a new menu with the option to upload creations to a social media-inspired gallery. Players can add tags to make their creations easier to browse or even copy other people’s designs. Once you’ve uploaded your character, players have one last step to complete.

Saints Row Boss Factory characters need a linked account

By linking Saints Row and their gaming platform accounts, players can transfer their Boss Factory characters into the final game.

To link Saints Row accounts, players will need to create an official account of the game’s website. The account will technically be for a platform called PROS that covers all Koch Media games. After creating that account, players can connect their PROS accounts to their existing gaming platforms. Xbox, PlayStation, and PC can all transfer Boss Factory character to the main game.

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When the game finally releases on August 23, players will be able to spawn in as their new boss and jump right into the game. If you need more incentives, fans who link accounts before the game’s release will also receive a free in-game rocket launcher. Linked accounts will also receive early news on downloadable content and events with potentially more free goodies to be included.


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