The Weazel Plaza GTA

How to start the Weazel Plaza event in GTA V Online

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

GTA V Online Christmas event is unlike any other game because it doesn’t have happy-go-lucky side quests. Instead, players must shoot a bunch of hoodlums on top of the Weazel Plaza. 

The latest GTA V Online holiday event has players watching out for their belongings and fighting for new ones. Inspired by Die Hard, one part can get you a deadly WM 29 pistol, while the other will have you keeping your money and snacks in hiding. A random event will trigger any time in the game, where The Gooch will run up to a player and knock them to the ground, stealing some of their cash and snacks. 

The other event, called the Die Hard mission, requires a specific time to be triggered. It also needs you to have crisp shooting skills in order to cop a gangster’s WM 29 pistol as your Christmas gift. 

Where is the Weazel Plaza in GTA V? 

The Weazel Plaza in GTA V is inspired by the building in Die Hard, Nakatomi Plaza. It’s easy to find it on the map, as it is one of the tallest skyscrapers in GTA V. 

The Weazel Plaza GTA V

If you think it looks familiar, the building draws inspiration from a real-life 35-story skyscraper, Fox Plaza, in Los Angeles, California. In GTA V, The Weazel Plaza is a headquarter of a TV network located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. So, you should easily find it on the map, and if you fancy the tall building, you can purchase apartments 101, 70, and 26 from

How to start the Weazel Plaza Shootout in GTA Online

The event at the Weazel Plaza does not trigger randomly. There are a few things you must follow to start the shootout. First, you must stay in the game session for more than 20 minutes between 8 PM and 6 AM game time. Make sure you’re close to The Weazel Plaza, at least 400 meters. 

Once you have followed these steps, the event should trigger randomly at any time. A chopper will appear in the sky, indicating that the mission has been started, so you must keep your weapon and car at the ready. Drive to the top of the building, killing gangsters that appear in the way. After finishing the final enemy, you should be able to pick up the WM 29 pistol.