Pokemon GO Legend

How to reach Legend rank in Pokemon GO

By Olivia Richman


Oct 9, 2021

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Trainers are in the middle of Season 9 in Pokemon GO’s PVP Battle League, fighting their way up through the ranks. The goal is to reach Legend, the highest rank in the game’s Battle League. It comes with an abundance of awards, but it does take a lot of effort to get there.

Season 9 had all of the usual awards for winning a battle but also announced avatar items for players that reach the Legend rank. These items are themed after Leon, a Pokemon trainer from Pokemon Sword and Shield. There’s a Leon shirt, pants, hat, gloves, and pose.

Here is a brief overview for Pokemon GO trainers wondering how to reach the Legend rank.

Rank 1The starting rank for trainers at the dawn of a new PvP season
Rank 2Complete 5 battles
Rank 3Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 4Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 5Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 6Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 7Win 1 battle
Rank 8Win 1 more battle
Rank 9Win 1 more battle
Rank 10Win 1 more battle
Rank 11Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 12Win 5 more battles
Rank 13Win 6 more battles
Rank 14Win 7 more battles
Rank 15Win 8 more battles
Rank 16Complete 5 additional battles
Rank 17Win 10 more battles
Rank 18Win 15 more battles
Rank 19Win 20 more battles
Rank 20Complete 5 additional battles
AceReach a rating of 2000 or higher
VeteranReach a rating of 2500 or more
ExpertReach a rating of 2750 or more
LegendReach a rating of 3000 or more

While the journey is straightforward, it’s still a difficult one. It’s not just about winning battles once trainers get to the last four levels. It’s also about reaching a high rating.

Tips on reaching Legend in Pokemon GO

The first thing to do is to master the basics of Pokemon GO. This includes knowing Pokemon types, their strengths, and weaknesses. Trainers should also know all of the moves a Pokemon has and how much damage they do so trainers can know if an opposing Pokemon will be doing super-effective damage to their own Pokemon.

Learn to count fast moves. How many does it take to get to a charge move? This will help trainers make informed decisions based on a Pokemon’s energy.

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Build for the Pokemon in front of you. Different Pokemon are typically run at different ranks, so trainers will see different Pokemon than others. That means it’s not as easy as copying a top players’ team. Instead, make adjustments based on the Pokemon present in your rank. From there, trainers can come up with a plan that revolves around their team, learning from mistakes and losses.