How to position your team in Honkai: Star Rail

By Melany Moncada


May 13, 2023

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Honkai: Star Rail uses a turn-based combat system, perfect for players that are more strategic. The combat has a logic to it that any player can master. Learning how to position your team in Honkai: Star Rail is one of the tricks that you must figure out early.

The first element you must keep in mind when putting together your team is each character’s path. In Honkai: Star Rail, a path is just a fancy way to call the character’s class. The perfect team will include one bruiser or tank, two supports, and one flex pick.

The bruisers in the game are those in The Destruction path, and the best one to have in your team is Clara. The tanks from The Preservation path provide valuable ways to deal with enemy damage. Once you finish the first world, the Trailblazer character can change path, and we encourage you to do it. March 7th is also part of The Preservation path.

The second element to consider is your two support characters, which can be a combination of characters that can buff your damage dealers and a healer.

How to position your team in Honkai: Star Rail?

Once you have your team, it is time to place them. There are four slots available in your formation.

Slot 1

The first slot is reserved for your tank or bruiser. Here is where you place either Clara or the Trailblazer Fire Version. These characters should not be played on the same team.

The Trailblazer has the ability to taunt enemies and become the focus. If you keep taunting the enemies and keep the Trailblazer protected, your flex pick will be free to fire away.

Clara works similarly, as since enemies focus on the first slot, Clara will be attacked frequently. Clara’s passive prompts Svarog to attack back every time she’s hit. The passive deals significant damage that increases as the game advances.

Slot 2

Here is where you put your first support. It could be March 7th or Bronya. March 7th can keep the bruiser/tank in Slot 1 shielded and will launch a follow-up attack every time it is hit. Bronya applies a DMG boost that comes in handy.

For longer battles, March 7th comes in handy since keeping the bruiser/tank alive is the priority. It also helps that Ice is one of the most common weaknesses in enemies.

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Slot 3

In the third slot, place your flex pick. This is the character that will be free to deal as much damage as possible while the enemies are focused elsewhere. The perfect characters for this slot are Dan Heng, Seele, Sushang, and Yanqing. Pick the character based on the enemy’s weaknesses.

Slot 4

The final slot in the team is reserved for your healer, so consider Natasha or Bailu. This character’s only task is to keep the rest of the team healthy.


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