How to play Hasta La Vista mode in GTA 5 Online?

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Grand Theft Auto Online 5 is getting more exciting each day. Now, a new adversary mode Hast La Vista is letting players make cash by riding a bicycle. 

GTA Online is still going strong, thanks to consistent updates to the story from Rockstar. The December Drug Wars update added many ways to make money by doing exciting side missions. One of the new modes includes Hasta La Vista playlist that puts players against players. 

Adversary mode is GTA Online’s fan-favorite as it bolsters competition by putting real players against each other. Hasta La Vista isn’t only highly immersive; it’s a great way to cop some extra cash along the way to buy cheap weapons from the Gun Van.

How to play Hasta La Vista in GTA 5 

GTA 5 Online

When you hit level 12, Hasta La Vista playlist should appear in Adversary mode. Select the game you want to play among the five games provided to get started. 

The game will begin right away. To play this, you must have at least four players, who will then be divided into two teams. A duo will be of truckers, and the other two will be cyclists, and that’s where the fun begins. The purpose of this 2V2 game mode is to put cyclists and tuckers in a racing war. The cyclists must reach the finish line with tuckers on their tails trying to knock them off the bikes. 

Truckers will have a Hauler, whereas cyclists will be on Whippet Race Bikes. Weapons are not allowed in the game, and cyclists must reach the finish line without dying. Conversely, truckers are spawned with unlimited lives. 

There are five different locations for Hasta La Vista mode, which are as below: 

  • Hasta La Vista I starts at the north side of the Los Santos Storm Drain. Hasta La Vista II starts at the Vinewood Sign
  • Hasta La Vista III starts with the run-down Xero gas station on Route 68 Approach
  • Hasta La Vista IV starts on the Great Ocean Highway by the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Hasta La Vista V starts on the west side of the La Puerta Freeway bridge

The little cycle vs. truck mode is inspired by the iconic scene where John Connor flees from T-1000 on a motorcycle. So, if you’re a fan of the 1991 Hollywood blockbuster Terminator 2 and want to make cash, this mission is perfect for you. Just make sure you practice your balance on a cycle! 


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