How to play Among Us in Roblox

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Innersloth’s 3D Among Us is a bit too realistic in Roblox’s virtual universe. 

The social deception game was initially released in 2018 but it rose to popularity in 2020. Famous streamers jumped on the imposter bandwagon, propelling the game to the top of the charts. Considering the game’s popularity, many developers incorporated Among Us mods into their titles, and fans out there are wondering if the Among Us series could be represented in Roblox’s cartoonish universe.

Roblox has many games that have been “inspired” by other titles, and this new one seems like an exact copy of Innersloth’s Among Us. The social deception game can be played in Roblox, and it’s twice the more fun. The Roblox version of Innersloth’s social deception game is called Imposter, a nod to the game’s black sheep among crewmates. The game works exactly like Among Us, but it’s the 3D touch that boosts the fun. 

Characters in Roblox’s Among Us are much similar to the original game, just larger in size. The spaceship costume is a mirror image of Innerslotht’s cute, bright color figures. However, the costumes in Roblox have more details, which adds a realistic touch to the game. But, it’s the camera angle for characters that adds value to the copy. 

Unlike Innersloth’s Among Us, the Roblox version allows players to hang around the lobbies, carry out fraudulent responsibilities to impersonate freely. Instead of a vantage view, players can use their cameras however they want and view other models in 3D. This view-style makes Imposter better than the original version. 

How to play Among Us in Roblox 

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Players can access the Imposter game from this link.

Once you’re part of the lobby, you’ll be able to use the same keys to move the characters around the screen as the original Among Us game. Crewmates and imposters can move around, crouch, interact with the map features, open doors, kill by using set keys and the mouse. Users can also create free private Imposter servers to play with friends. 

The concept in Imposter remains the same. The game spawns crewmates and imposters into the map, and the players must complete their task before one rogue player sabotages the entire ship. The imposter is tasked to eliminate all players before achieving their target to win the game.

Like the original game, the devs added the vents, meeting area, reactors, oxygen, and lights. Imposters can interact with these spots maliciously, whereas crewmates must keep the ship afloat by checking up on functions.