How to peek corners in Valorant like a pro

By Olivia Richman


Nov 20, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

Tactical shooters like Valorant aren’t always all about headshots and flashes. 

They certainly aren’t a bad thing, but there are a lot of skills players must learn if they want to climb the ranks and stand out from from the pack in competitive. One of these important skills is peeking. 

Peeking is when a player stays at an angle, moving in and out of the line of sight. The goal is to hold an angle while not becoming an easy target for agents on the other team. But how can players do that without losing their head in the process? 

Valorant peeking pro tips

Peeking like a pro in Valorant is more “don’t” than “do.” The first thing to keep in mind that players shouldn’t shift-walk. That’s when competitors hold down shift while walking, essentially sneaking. Since sneaking eliminates footsteps, a lot of players will automatically turn to shift-walking when peeking an angle to avoid detection. Players should keep in mind that this makes peeking much slower and much more risky. 

High-level Valorant players also don’t use ADS (aim down sights) to peek corners. This is another thing a lot of newer players will try to utilize thinking it will give them better accuracy, but this is just another thing that makes players peek too slowly to be effective. 

Instead, players should peek angles at full walk speed by releasing the movement key after about a half a second. There’s a split-second moment where agents won’t make a sound while moving after letting go of the shift key. Practice in a custom game to get used to the timing, since agents will remain silent but much quicker. 

Valorant peek guide

How to peek an angle in Valorant

Peeking ensures that agents can kill an enemy while remaining difficult to eliminate themselves. They can even bait opponents to take a shot, allowing them to gather information about the enemy’s positioning. 

When peeking, players should also pre-aim their crosshairs by aiming their gun at face-level. Many players will instinctively aim their gun downwards, something that puts them at a disadvantage as they’re forced to start each engagement with a flick. Practice will help Valorant players understand where an enemy’s head will show up at certain locations on the map. 

But players must keep in mind that it’s not only about finding that perfect headshot. It’s also about remaining undetected. So players must always isolate angles so they are not within multiple sightlines. Sometimes this can be an educated guess on where opponents are located, but mostly it’s about making sure to not over-extend past a certain angle. Study the maps to better understand where agents can properly situate themselves. 

YouTuber Eggwick recently uploaded a video that showcased a few different types of peeks in Valorant. Each peek has a different use and strategy, meaning players will have to learn which peek works best for certain situations. 

How to jiggle peek in Valorant

The goal of this peek is to gain information while not giving away anything. Players using this peek will barely show their bodies to the opponent. Instead, they will have the “bare minimum” of their body showing, remaining hard to hit. Players utilizing the Jiggle Peek will also use their knife, which makes their movement speed even faster. 

“You want to be using this peek often, as it provides the best risk vs reward outcome,” Eggwick said. 

Just remember to not be open to multiple angles. This peek works best when players are trying to isolate a specific angle. 

What is a wide peek in Valorant?

Wide peeking is a bit risky. Players who swing far from a corner will be open to multiple sightlines and could give entrenched enemies a long time to land shots. Most players utilizing wide peeks should only do so when a teammate is peeking narrow or planning to follow up after the wide peek. 

Players who risk wide peeking alone can be heavily punished if they don’t hit their target. For that reason, it’s important to pre-aim and await an opponent’s arrival. 

Crouch peeking can trick Valorant pros

Croch peeking is when a player is crouched when they peek around the corner. This can be a great way to mix up gameplay since high-ranked players will usually be pre-aimed in hopes of a headshot. 

On the other hand, Eggwick doesn’t recommend the crouch peek in lower-ranked games, since newer players have “worse crosshair placement.” A crouch peek can often make it easier for bad players to score a kill as the aggressor is essentially ducking into a headshot. 

Jump peeks are key to scouting in Valorant

A jump peek helps teams gather information. Players will jump to the left or right, then air-strafe back to their original positioning. Players can do this by using the opposite movement key and backward, or the S key. Proper jump peeks mean barely expose the player and throw off enemies’ crosshair placement. 

Players should remember to switch up the way they peek, keeping opponents on their toes and remaining unpredictable. Each peek has its benefits when used in the right scenarios. The most important thing to keep in mind is to never shift-walk into an opponent’s field of vision and to make sure agents are never exposed to multiple sightlines. 


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