How to Make the Best Minecraft Sword in 2024: Deadly and Reliable

By William Davis


Jan 24, 2022

Reading time: 7 min

No matter how many updates and new weapons Minecraft introduces, the sword remains one of the most popular and effective items. It’s not just because players are familiar with using swords as their main weapon. Swords are genuinely efficient in combat.

Swords are simple but highly effective for several reasons. They can quickly strike enemies, defend against attacks, push foes away, and prove dependable in battles against various enemies, from ordinary skeletons to the formidable netherite dragon.

Using a Sword in Minecraft

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The power of the Minecraft Sword – [Image Credit – kalda4]

In Minecraft, the sword is a versatile weapon perfect for fighting most mobs. It can be upgraded and enchanted in more than eight ways, making it a powerful tool. Notably, the sword performs better in the Bedrock edition compared to the Java edition.

  • Speed – 1.5 strikes per second
  • Recovery Time – 0.624 seconds
  • Attack Damage – 8 (4 hearts)
  • Damage Jump – 12 (6 hearts)
  • With Enchantments – 15 to 24.5 (12 hearts at max)

The sword doesn’t allow for ranged attacks, which means it’s suited for quick, close combat. It’s excellent for both player vs. player (PvP) battles and player vs. environment (PvE) challenges, effective against enemies like cave spiders, wither skeletons, undead mobs, and creepers.

For dealing with distant enemies, like the ender dragon or hoglins, ranged weapons such as a crossbow or a trident are more appropriate. The sword is particularly valuable for players looking to gather specific loot items. Thanks to its enchantments, it can yield more drops per kill, making it an essential item for any Minecraft player.

Making a Sword

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The recipe for a Diamond Sword in Minecraft – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

Making a sword in Minecraft is easy. First, you need to create a crafting table and place it. When you open the crafting table, you’ll need certain materials.

  • 1 Stick
  • 2 Diamonds

Diamonds are the best choice for crafting a sword. They make your weapon more durable and increase its damage against different enemies.

You can find diamonds below ground level, anywhere under layer 12. Start digging down and make mines that reach from level 12 to -64. You’re likely to find a good amount of diamonds this way.

To get even more diamonds, enchant your pickaxe with the Fortune III enchantment before you start mining. This enchantment boosts the number of diamonds you’ll collect.

The Ultimate Sword: Netherite

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The recipe for a Netherite Sword in Minecraft – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

After getting a diamond sword, the next step is to upgrade it to a netherite sword. This upgrade nearly doubles its durability and increases its damage. The netherite sword is the strongest sword in Minecraft.

  • 1 Netherite

To find netherite, you’ll need to mine Ancient Debris, which is only found in the Nether. Aim to dig at levels 8-15 in the Nether until you discover some. After processing Ancient Debris, you’ll get a Netherite Ingot.

Next, place a smithing table on the ground and use it. Put your diamond sword and a Netherite Ingot into the smithing table. This combination will give you the Netherite Sword, the best sword in the game.

The Best Sword Enchantments

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The Best Minecraft Sword is the enchantments you choose to put – [Image Credit – Reddit]

To get the best sword in Minecraft, you need to enhance it with enchantments. This is what you’ll need.

  • Anvil
  • Enchantment Table

To make an anvil, gather a lot of iron. For the enchantment table, you’ll need diamonds and obsidian.

There isn’t one “best” sword for every gamer. It depends on what you like and need. You can enchant a sword for different kinds of fights. Here are some top enchantments for various situations.

The Best Damage Sword Enchantments

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The Netherite Sword upgraded with Sharpness V – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

Enchantments that boost damage help you hit harder when you attack mobs. The impact varies based on the mob you’re facing and the attack type, like a sweep attack or a regular one. You can max out these enchantments at level 5.

Smite V makes your sword more powerful against undead mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and the wither. It’s really good for fights with these types of enemies.

Bane of Arthropods V increases your sword’s damage against spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, and endermites.

Sharpness V adds extra damage to your sword, boosting its overall melee strength. We think this is the best damage enchantment because it’s effective against almost any mob, whether you’re in dungeons or in PvP situations.

The Best Special Power Sword Enchantments

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The Netherite Sword upgraded with Looting and Fire Aspect – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

Hybrid enchantments, also known as special power mods, can make your sword more versatile and useful beyond just combat.

Fire Aspect II sets any mob you hit on fire, as suggested by the name. This causes them to burn and sometimes flee in panic. However, be cautious, as Fire Aspect 2 can also backfire and burn you if you’re attacked. Note that it doesn’t affect nether mobs or bosses.

Looting III increases the loot you receive from defeated mobs. This is very useful for farming materials from mobs like endermen, blazes, or pigs. It also boosts your chances of getting rare items, such as tridents or enchanted bows, from your foes.

The Best Knockback Sword Enchantments

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The Netherite Sword upgraded with Knockback Enchantment – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

Knockback II is the only enchantment that specifically pushes enemies away without increasing your sword’s damage. It’s great for dealing with enemies that fight up close. 

While Knockback is nice, it isn’t always useful, it can be very effective for pushing enemies off cliffs or into lava.

Sweeping Edge III, similar to Knockback, lets you hit more enemies at once. It’s useful in certain situations but be careful; it’s possible to accidentally hit and hurt your allies with it.

The Best Healing and Durability Sword Enchantments

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The Netherite Sword upgraded with the best enchantments in the game – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

Healing and durability enchantments, like Mending I and Unbreaking III, make your Netherite sword last longer. They’re especially helpful for lower-grade weapons, like iron swords, but are also excellent for Netherite swords.

Mending I repairs your sword’s durability as you collect XP orbs, which you can get from defeating any mob in the game. It’s one of the rarest and most valuable enchantments.

Unbreaking III increases the number of uses you get from your sword before it breaks by enhancing its base durability.

Using both enchantments means your sword will rarely, if ever, need repairs at an anvil, saving you time and resources.

The Ultimate Best Sword in Minecraft

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The best sword in Minecraft will make you powerful and cool at the same time! – [Image Credit – Green Master Craft]

Netherite is the top choice for crafting a sword in Minecraft. This material allows the sword to last for 2031 uses, outperforming the diamond sword’s 1561 uses. When you add the best enchantments, the Netherite sword becomes even more powerful.

  • Sharpness V
  • Looting III
  • Unbreaking III
  • Mending I
  • Fire Aspect II
  • Sweeping Edge III (optional)

With the right Minecraft enchantments, the durability of the sword increases by 75%, totaling up to 8128 uses before breaking. 

Additionally, these enhancements can boost the sword’s damage to about 20, making it capable of defeating most enemies with just one hit just like many of our favorite anime characters wielding extremely powerful swords.

Adding All the Enchantments

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Netherite Sword with all enchantments available – [Image Credit – Minecraft 1.20]

You can enhance your sword with up to seven enchantments, making it exceptional for both combat and everyday tasks in Minecraft. To achieve this, apply the enchantments in a specific sequence for the best results.

  • Have 55 levels
  • Looting III + Knockback II
  • Sweeping Edge III + Mending I
  • Sharpness V + Unbreaking III
  • Sharpness V and Unbreaking III + Fire Aspect II
  • Add them in the same order as your sword in the anvil