How to make money playing video games in 2023

By William Davis


Dec 12, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Gaming is a hobby that millions enjoy participating in every day. Video games grant players a near-infinite number of unique experiences, but many wish their efforts in the virtual world could translate to real accomplishments. Luckily for them, there are more ways to make money playing video games in 2023 than ever before. Here are three methods of converting gaming skills to cash, along with how difficult each one is to achieve.

Online games of chance are straightforward ways to make money

Online gambling is the easiest and most straightforward way to potentially make money by gaming from the comfort of your home. This method requires very little experience and can begin whenever a player wants thanks to the popularity of online casinos. While no money is guaranteed, winners can enjoy massive jackpots and potentially set themselves up for life. Just as a Eurojackpot winner sets new Swedish record from a jackpot, anyone can possibly win money from online gambling.

While the most accessible option on this list, it’s important to understand factors like odds and potential winnings before gunning for big jackpots. Additionally, playing these games can be done passively while working on the other available methods. It’s not what most gamers have in mind for making money by playing games, but video slots and casino games are theoretically the fastest way to profit from gaming in 2023.

Becoming an esports pro is the hardest way to make money gaming

If you’re most interested in earning your money rather than getting it by chance, becoming an esports pro may be a more attractive option. The rapidly-growing industry is putting up bigger and bigger prize pools every year, though gaining access to million-dollar tournaments isn’t easy. This method of turning games into a career is incredibly treacherous, but on the bright side, failure can set you up for another method of making money by playing video games.

Once you’ve chosen your competitive title, it’s important to begin training. Practicing your skills with aim trainers for shooters like Valorant or matchup knowledge for games like League of Legends is just the beginning. Developing game sense and communication skills is another important aspect, as is forming connections with skilled players to eventually form a team. Just remember to stick to your strengths, utilize your skills to the max, and never stop training. 

Professional play in competitive games can not only pay well but allow you to play your favorite game for a living. It will also help build a personal brand for streaming and content creation.

Streaming and content creation are a happy medium

Streaming and content creation are both individually great ways to earn money from the games you play. By live streaming yourself and your gameplay on popular platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, gamers can gain followings, which can immediately convert to real earnings. The best part of this method is that it doesn’t require winning national tournaments or even competing in formal events at all. In theory, a terrible gamer can still make a living if they’re entertaining enough to capture an audience.

There is very little opportunity cost for attempting to become a popular streamer, as the time spent on that pursuit is also time spent gaming. It’s also not mutually exclusive with becoming a professional gamer, as many esports pros still stream during or after their competitive careers. This makes streaming a nice balance between the other two options, but don’t underestimate the amount of work it will take.


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