How to get the rare Ignite Melee Capsule in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

It’s official! The Valorant Ignite melee is now available for everyone to purchase. 

Valorant China was announced with an exclusive replay feature and a knife bundle, which had everyone salivating. Fans had expected that the visually pleasant fire-themed melee would also be limited to Chinese servers, but now Riot has cleared the confusion. The Ignite capsule will be purchasable for all, but there’s still a catch. 

On July 13, Riot announced that Ignite capsule won’t be as exclusive as everyone thought. The rare melee would be available in the store but for a limited time. 

Ignite is currently only available for Chinese players, making it the rarest item as of writing. However, its scarcity isn’t the only reason behind the hype. Ignite is a sight for sore eyes. The melee is covered in feathers shaped like a fan. It’s reminiscent of the Celestial collection but better, thanks to its unique fan animation. 

How to get the Ignite melee in Valorant

Ignite melee

The rare violet and red melee will be available in-store, but it’s still rare due to its time-limited status. Players can purchase the melee from the store but for a short period of time. After that, it leaves Valorant for good, becoming a rare commodity. Ignite melee won’t return to any store, including the Night. Market. 

But skin enthusiasts would try to cop the knife right away while it’s still available. 

Ignite capsule release date 

Ignite capsule will become available on July 14. It’s currently unknown how long the capsule would stay in store, but it should be enough time for players to purchase the rare knife. 

The exact price of Ignite melee is unknown, but leakers claim it’d cost somewhere between 4,100 to 4,550 Valorant Points. For this price, players will be getting: 

  • Flex Title 
  • Fire-Born Title
  • Ignite: Huang Spray
  • Ignite: Feng Spray
  • Ignite: Huang Playercard
  • Ignite: Feng Playercard
  • Ignite Fan