How to get the new Karin Boor in GTA Online

By Melany Moncada


Apr 18, 2023

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GTA Online dropped a new content update and added a car that you will want in your garage, the Karin Boor.

The Karin Boor is a car that does it all. It is part pickup, part passenger car, nice and compact, yet still a truck. It is the best of all worlds, and it can be yours now.

The car is part of the 1.64 LS Drug Wars update. This update also brings a major discount on Office properties. If you are looking to start your own organization for a limited time, the properties have a 30% discount. Working on your properties will feel extra rewarding. Completing the Special Cargo Sell missions grants 50% extra GTA$ and RP. In these missions, you collect and traffic contraband. If you’re playing Freemode, challenge other organizations to a Business Battle to get twice the rewards in your missions.

GTA V Karin Boor

If you make some good money with these bonuses, then it might be time to buy a nice car. At Premium Deluxe Motorsport, you will find a nice selection of vehicles with a good discount, the cars available are as follows.

  • Pegassi Reaper
  • Ocelot Swinger
  • Vapid Flash GT
  • Ubermacht Zion Classic
  • Pegassi Tempesta

At Luxury Autos, you can find the Pegassi Zorrusso and the Coil Raiden at 30% off.

Where to buy the Karin Boor in GTA Online

While other cars might be cheaper, the Karin Boor is all the rage. GTA+ Members will receive this off-road vehicle for free. The price of the membership is $5.99 per month.

If you don’t have a GTA+ membership, then you can head to Southern S.A. Super Autos to get your own Karin Boor. The basic version of the car goes for $1,280,000. A full upgrade, including 100% armor and bulletproof tires, will cost an additional $256,100.

The Karin Boor is not the fastest car out there, but it can be used in races. According to game files, the car appears to have a top speed of 92.58 mph.


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