Chrome Punk Fortnite skin

How to get the Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite for free

By Nicholas James


Nov 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a spooky new skin available for free in Fortnite. Here’s how to get the Chrome Punk skin in Fortnite for free.

Fortnite decided to bring back the Halloween season to fans with a brand new outfit available by completing some quests. They also did this with the Pickle Rick back bling, a Rick and Morty tie-in that you can claim by participating in the Zero Build Horde Rush game mode.

Chrome Punk skin quests

There are a series of three quests for the Chrome Punk skin questline.

All of them simply require the player to play Fortnite however they like, so long as they’re earning XP. If you’ve become an expert at fighting Cube Monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush, that’s not a bad way to guarantee yourself tons of XP. The only requirement for these quests is to gain Account Levels, commonly referred to as battle pass levels, so custom maps that give AFK XP and the easiest way to get one done.

Youtuber Jyku suggests a map with the island code 0742-3498-0188. By completing a series of tasks, you’ll be raking in passive experience and be able to just stand still and level up over and over again. If you absolutely don’t have the time to complete the Chrome Punk quest the hard way, XP maps can be a lifesaver for busy Fortnite players who still want cosmetics.

Chrome Punk skin quests

  • Gain 10 Account Levels
  • Gain 20 Account Levels
  • Gain 50 Account levels

How you earn those levels are completely up to you, and if you’ve been playing during the Fortnitemares event, you’re likely already partway to the Chrome Punk goal.

The Chrome Punk quests won’t end when the Fortnitemares event does on November 15, instead sticking around until the end of the season, which looks to be wrapping up with the finale event dubbed Fracture on December 3 at 4 pm ET.