How to get souvenir gun skins from the CSGO Antwerp Major

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Souvenir gun cases are back thanks to the upcoming Antwerp Major, but they may not work the same way fans remember.

To get souvenir guns skins and cases from the Antwerp Major, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players must purchase or earn souvenir coins. These coins are only available through the recently-released Antwerp Major Pass. Souvenir coins cost $2.99 each, but CSGO players can get a head start by purchasing the upgraded Antwerp Major Pass with three coins for $17.99.

Pass owners can also earn up to three coins by completing Pick’ems challenges. Fans must correctly guess how competing teams at the Antwerp CSGO Major will perform across all stages of the tournament. Every three tasks grant a coin and upgrades the commemorative major profile badge, which starts at bronze and completes its upgrade path at diamond.

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For previous CSGO majors, fans could earn souvenir skins just by linking their Twitch accounts and watching the event live. That system was phased out starting with the 2019 Berlin Major. Now watching live has no effect on earning souvenir skins. This may slightly hurt viewership of the major, but it’s now a way for Valve to make more money by essentially selling premium cases.

What skins are in Antwerp Major souvenir cases?

The exact skins available in Antwerp Major souvenir cases varies greatly depending on the map and game.

Each Antwerp Major souvenir case includes a gun skin from the map’s dedicated skin collection. Players get to choose which match and round the souvenir corresponds to. The case will then pull a random skin from the corresponding map. All Antwerp Major souvenir gun skins come with stickers of both teams, the tournament logo, and the signature of the round MVP.

Operation Riptide hangs a big question mark on the event, as many of the new collections in that event are named after existing competitive maps. This has fans wondering if Operation Riptide skins are available in Antwerp souvenir cases, and the answer is yes. Maps with 2021 Riptide collections will drop souvenir cases with those skins. The applicable maps are Dust 2, Mirage, Nuke, and Vertigo.

Good luck opening an AWP | Desert Hydra signed by Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. You’ll need it.


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