On the Case gun buddy

How to get free On the Case Prime Gaming gun buddy in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Episode 5 is packed with free loot and prizes, but it’s not exclusive to the in-game client. Owners of an Amazon Prime account can unlock the On the Case Valorant gun buddy for free. 

Extravagant Valorant skins aren’t affordable but Riot Games’ regular free rewards let all players enjoy Valorant’s in-game cosmetics. These free items may not be as lavish as the pricy ones, but they certainly add some color to an inventory. Prime Gaming gun buddies are often rare and limited edition, making them unique despite being free. 

After rolling out the Crossover event pass, Riot Games has yet another surprise for Valorant players in On the Case gun buddy that can be claimed through the Twitch Prime Gaming account. 

Valorant Episode 5: Dimension is raining cosmetics. A shiny new skin bundle, battle pass, and Crossover event have brought tons of new items into the game. However, these exciting items are available for all. Amazon Prime subscribers can flex their exclusive items by claiming the On the Case buddy while it’s still available. It’s a time-limited, rare item that will leave the shop soon. 

The On the Case gun buddy is a tiny magnifying glass charm for all the potential spies in Valorant. It’s likely a nod to Cypher, the Moroccan spy who carries futuristic tech to track enemies. It’s a simple charm in grey color, which would go well on dark skins like the latest Prelude to Chaos skin bundle. 

How to get Valorant Prime Gaming gun buddy loot drops

Valorant players will first need to connect their Riot Games account to an account with an active Prime Gaming subscription.

To link your accounts:

  • Follow this link and enter your Riot Games ID
  • Go back to the Prime Gaming page

If you’ve already linked your account, you can skip this step and move to the Valorant page on the website. 

  • Pick the Valorant page on the Prime Gaming website.
  • Check if there are any active rewards
  • Log into your Prime Gaming account
  • Click on the Claim Now” button next to your reward
  • Run Valorant
  • Click the collections tab and sift through the cards to equip the freshly unlocked gun buddy

Those who do not have a Prime membership but still want to enjoy the latest On the Case gun buddy can get it via a 30-day free trial. They won’t be able to claim prizes in the future that Riot often drops.