How to get free CS2 skins from weekly drops

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 17, 2023

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Weekly drops are back in CS2 but they work quite differently than your remember.

While it’s shockingly easy to spend thousands of dollars on the supposedly free game, one of CSGO’s nicer points was that it occasionally paid you to play it. Regular free drops could lead to some nice paydays for lucky players, and high case prices meant a regular small return for non-gamblers.

However, Valve completely changed up the system in CS2. While not the same as before, the new Care Package can still lead to guaranteed free skins every week. Here’s how the new system works and how to maximize your returns for every care package.

CS2 has changed how weekly drops work. Before, players would rank up and immediately get a case as well as either a map collection skin or graffiti. The rewards were completely random with a very small chance of either a rare discontinued case or a pricy rare map skin.

The new system gives players a little more agency over what reward they get, and that means potentially even more passive income for grinders.

CS2 weekly drops explained

Once a week, CS2 players can claim their weekly drops by playing matches until they level up their profile. Then, they can choose two of four randomly selected rewards from the Shop page.

While technically random, the weekly care package will always include one case as well as three options for either map collection skins or graffiti. It’s possible to select two, so the gun skin and case are the correct options pretty much all the time.

Only a small handful of sprays are worth anything at all, but knowing which ones they are could lead to a few extra bucks in your Steam account.

cs2 weekly care package drops

Keep in mind that in order to qualify for weekly CS2 drops, you will need Prime status on your account. The upgrade carries over from CSGO, so there’s no need to purchase it again if you already have it.

However, if you’re completely free to play, you won’t be able to claim any weekly rewards. You’re also more likely to play with hackers. Have fun.


CS2 care package

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