How to get Defog, Fly, and every other HM in Pokemon BDSP

By Steven Rondina


Nov 25, 2021

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HMs are back in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but it’s not especially easy to find moves like Defog, Fly, and more.

Fans who have been playing recent installments in the Pokemon franchise have gotten used to easily receiving the tools needed to navigate the world. Ride Pokemon and bike upgrades have been handed to players frequently as normal parts of the story, rarely requiring players to actually go out of their way to progress.

That wasn’t the case in the old Pokemon games, with players actually able to complete the original games without even getting HMs like Fly or Flash. That older style returns in Pokemon BDSP, with players actually having to hunt down certain HMs in order to advance or improve their quality of life in the game.

For those who aren’t wanting to turn over stones searching for moves, here’s how to get HMs like Defog, Fly, and more in Pokemon BDSP.

How to get Rock Smash in Pokemon BDSP

Rock Smash is obtained from a hiker in a cave to the west of Oreburgh City. 

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This is the most important HM for the early game, as it offers paths through a number of caves in the Pokemon BDSP early game. It’s easily obtained by tracking down the hiker in the area surrounding Oreburgh City. It’s also a decent fighting-type move for the early game, but requires players to defeat Roark in order to use it in the overworld.

How to get Cut in Pokemon BDSP

The player is given Cut by Cynthia after defeating Gardenia.

After earning the Forest Badge, head to the northern part of Eterna City. After approaching a row of cuttable trees, a cutscene will trigger with Cynthia approaching the player. Gives the player the ability to use Cut and the applicable TMs.

The good news here is that players can’t actually obtain Cut until after defeating its applicable gym leader, meaning there’s no hassle when it comes to using it in the overworld.

How to get Fly in Pokemon BDSP

Fly is found on the ground of the Team Galactic warehouse in Veilstone City.

As with Cut, players have the ability to find the Fly HM after defeating the gym leader who unlocks the move, in this case Maylene. After beating Maylene, the player will encounter either Dawn or Lucas, who will ask for their help in a battle against some Team Galactic grunts in order to retrieve his lost Pokedex. 

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Fly can be found in the Poke Ball on the right.

After beating them, the player can walk into the warehouse and find the HM on the ground near the entrance off to the right. Most of the warehouse cannot be accessed at this point, but players can get Fly quite early on.

Fly is a valuable tool for players and allows for faster travel to any cities the player has previously visited. This is particularly valuable in Pokemon BDSP because it allows players to make the most of in-game timed events such as planting berries and catching Pokemon from honeyed trees.

How to get Defog in Pokemon BDSP

Defog is gifted to the player by an ace trainer near the entrance to the Great Marsh’s Safari Zone.

Immediately after entering the Safari Zone, there is an ace trainer with green hair to the right. Simply talk to them and they will give the player access to Defog in the overworld, as well as the TMs to use it in battle. Players need to defeat the water-type gym leader in order to use Defog in the overworld.

How to get Surf in Pokemon BDSP

The Surf HM is received as a gift from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town.

A route in Pokemon BDSP is blocked off by a row of Psyduck suffering from a headache. Players obtain medicine for them, allowing them to pass. In Celestic Town, players then encounter a Galactic grunt and after dealing with them, they meet Cynthia’s grandmother. Players will automatically hand over the Old Charm key item. Follow Cynthia’s grandmother into a ruin after and speak with her to receive Surf.

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Surf opens up a wide array of new locations to players. It also gives them access to a number of nooks and crannies with special items that weren’t previously accessible. Perhaps most importantly, Surf is arguably the best water-type attack in the game, and is worth teaching to Empoleon, Gastrodon, Ludicolo, and Golduck.

How to get Strength in Pokemon BDSP

Players receive Strength after climbing to the top of the Lost Tower.

South of Solaceon town is a spire. While it looks small and thin, the building is something similar to Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town from Kanto. After players wind their way up to the top floor, there’s a pair of individuals in front of a gravestone. Speak with them to receive a Cleanse Tag and Strength.

Strength is usable after defeating steel-type gym leader Byron. The HM works by allowing players shove around boulders.

How to get Rock Climb in Pokemon BDSP

Rock Climb is found on the ground along route 217.

After reaching route 216 and heading north to reach route 217, stay near the western edge of the area and head north. A small house can be found there with a Poke Ball nearby. The Poke Ball contains TMs for Rock Climb and lets players use it outside of battle as well as during combat.

As the name suggests, Rock Climb lets players climb up the pathways that run up some mountains. Though it isn’t available in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Rock Climb is actually an interesting attack in battles as it stands as one of the strongest normal-type attacks while also offering a chance to confuse.

How to get Waterfall in Pokemon BDSP

Waterfall is given to the player by Jasmine after defeating Volkner in Sunyshore City.

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After beating Volkner, players only need to head north to a beach. Johto region gym leader Jasmine will be standing along the shore and will stop players to engage them in conversation. She will compliment the player on defeating Volkner, then hand over the ability to use Waterfall.

Waterfall is the final HM that can be obtained in Pokemon BDSP and is ultimately what gives players access to the Pokemon League. Players will need to make use of each HM at some point along the way, but the wild Bidoof, Bibarels, and Staraptors are happy to carry players to the championship.


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