How to get a shiny Zekrom in Pokemon Go

By Melany Moncada


Jan 10, 2023

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Zekrom is back in Pokemon Go for the first time since 2021. This Pokemon will be available for a limited time, so this is your opportunity to catch a shiny Zekrom.

 Zekrom is a dual Dragon and Electric type from the Unova region. It is part of the Tao Trio with Reshiram and Kyurem. Zekrom doesn’t have an evolution. Zekrom appeared on Pokemon Go for the first time in June of 2020 and was available for three weeks.

Zekrom returned to Pokemon Go in July of 2021 as part of the Pokemon Go Fest that year. It became available a second time in 2021, this time in December for two weeks. During this appearance, Pokemon Go added shiny Zekrom to the game.

Now, Zekrom is making a comeback for a limited time. Every time a Legendary is featured, it should be treated like the final chance to get it. Chances are it won’t return to the game for at least 12 months.

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Is Zekrom mythical or legendary in Pokemon Go?

Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon and is on the cover of Pokemon White. In Pokemon Go, Zekrom is part of the Legendary category and is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game. It is only available as a Tier 5 Raid Boss for a limited number of days at a time.

In 2023, Zekrom will be available as a Five-Star Raid Boss between January 10 and January 18, starting at 10 a.m. local time. This Zekrom will know Fusion Bolt, and there is a chance of it being a 5% chance of it being a shiny Zekrom.

Which Pokemon can defeat Zekrom in Pokemon Go?

Zekrom is a dual Electric and Dragon type. It is weak against Ground, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type.

Some of the best counters against Zekrom are:

  • Mamoswine (Ice, Ground) with Mud-Slap and Avalanche.
  • Groudon (Ground, Fire) with Dragon Tail and Earthquake. Dragon Tail is, as its name suggests, a Dragon type attack.
  • Palkia (Dragon, Water) with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor.
  • Gardevoir (Fairy, Psychic) with Charm and Dazzling Gleam.
  • Mewtwo (Psychic) with Psycho Cut and Ice Beam.
  • Mega Charizard Y/X (Dragon, Fire) with Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw.

Zekrom is not an easy opponent. This Five-Star raid is the perfect opportunity to Mega Evolve a Charizard, Gyarados, or an Alakazam. Remember, you can only Mega Evolve one Pokemon at a time and the transformation will last for eight hours. Make sure the Pokemon you picked to Mega Evolve has Ground, Ice, Dragon, or Fairy attacks.

What CP is 100% Zekrom?

Zekrom obtained through a Five-Star Raid can have a maximum CP of 2,307. If Zekrom is weather boosted, it can have a 2,884 CP. The weather that favors Zekrom is windy and rain.

Players can give candy to their Zekrom to increase the CP. The maximum CP possible is 4,090. Players level 50 can get their Zekrom to 4,620 CP and 185 HP. To get Zekrom to these stats, players not only must take their account to level 50, but they will also need plenty of candy and Stardust.


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