Warzone 2.0

How to get a nuke in Warzone 2.0

By Nicholas James


Dec 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Tactical Nuke is a classic of Call of Duty games, summoning an enormous nuclear bomb to eradicate the entire map, here’s how to get a Tactical Nuke in Warzone 2.0.

The Tactical Nuke has been a symbol of skill and one of Call of Duty’s greatest achievements for years, but now fans can unleash the fearsome power of a nuclear bomb in the battle royale mode as well as their classic Call of Duty lobbies. Here are the steps you need to complete to collect a Tactical Nuke in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

How to get a nuke in Warzone 2.0

Before you can begin the specific steps to acquiring a nuke in Warzone 2.0, you’re going to need to win 5 consecutive lobbies of the battle royale game mode. This is in an incredibly difficult task on its own, and is likely best attempted with a full squad of premade teammates and voice chat.

After you win your sixth back-to-back Warzone win, you’ll be given a contract called Champion’s Quest. This is a multi-part quest that will allow you to collect and deploy the nuke. Don’t worry if you fail, you have three matches to attempt to assemble the nuke before you have to win five more consecutive lobbies again.

First you have to collect the three components to the nuke: Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium. Each will be revealed on your map and can be picked up once each of four circles on your mini map fills up. Picking up each element has a distinct downside. Beryllium marks its carrier for the entire match for all to see, Plutonium damages its carrier and nearby teammates, and Tritium scrambles the carrier’s radar.

After the fourth circle the bomb location will be revealed, your team will need to take all three elements to the bomb site, insert the elements, and defend the bomb for two minutes. Beware, however, as the entire match will be alerted to what you’re doing and you’re likely going to have to try and fight off everyone in the vicinity.

If you can protect the bomb for 2 minutes, mission complete, and you’ll have the satisfaction of watching your nuke wipe out the entire match. That’s how to get a nuke in Warzone 2.0, best of luck on your Champion’s Quest.


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