How to forfeit a Valorant match during the game

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Surrendering a game of Valorant wasn’t possible until a few months ago but not every match is fun and games. Taking in-game inconveniences into consideration, Riot Games finally introduced an option to forfeit a game. 

The tactical shooter’s developer has actively been working on nourishing a wholesome community. With the help of stringent chat rules and immediate bans, Riot Games has so far remained successful in its venture. However, in a booming community, maintaining in-game integrity in all matches is practically impossible. Riot Games has introduced a surrender option for players who don’t wish to continue playing a game to ensure a healthy competitive experience. 

Players may want to forfeit a match because of a hacker on the other team, in their own team, or due to toxicity. There are dozens of reasons a fun game could turn sour in a matter of seconds. The option to surrender could save a lot of time for players who may queue for the next match. 

Here’s how you can surrender in Valorant 

  • Make sure that you’ve activated your chat options from settings. 
  • Open chat by pressing Enter. 
  • Type any of the three commands in chatbox. 
    • /surrender
    • /ff 
    • /concede

These commands will instantly trigger a surrender voting. If all the teammates reply with /yes in chat or press F5, the match will end right there. The teammates may decline by pressing F6. 

Despite being a much-needed feature, Riot Games has ensured that players don’t abuse the surrender option by adding a few conditions. A surrender will only come into effect if all four teammates agree. Even one downvote will renounce the vote, forcing everyone to play the game. This is why it’s essential to notify your teammates before triggering the surrender. Your teammates may have a better option, a strategy, or just need some convincing. 

Discussing with teammates is highly recommended because surrender options are limited, and you may want to use them carefully. Valorant allows only two surrender votes in competitive games, one for each half. You may end up wasting your chance to forfeit if you trigger vote without consideration of teammates. 

Finally, you can only concede after eight rounds in the first half. Instantly surrendering isn’t possible to ensure that players don’t misuse the option. All players are obliged to play the first eight rounds to evaluate other options.

Looking at surrender conditions, it’s clear that the developer wants players to use forfeit as a last resort. While it’s inadvisable to leave a match mid-way, an increasing number of hackers, AFK teammates, and toxic chat has prompted the devs to add this feature in the game. However, the players need to honor the conditions and only use the option when all else fails. 


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