How to find your Steam Trade URL the easy way

By Nick Johnson


Jan 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Trading is one of the most prominent features in Valve’s Steam client. For players, trading with someone is as easy as going to that person’s Steam profile and clicking the big blue “Trade” button in the upper left corner. But if players want to find their own Steam Trade URL, it’s a little more difficult.

Each Steam user’s own trade URL is tucked away inside their Steam profile. This is the easiest way you can find your Steam Trade URL

How to find your Steam Trade URL in seconds

Step 1: Open the Steam Inventory panel

First, log into Steam and click your username. From the dropdown menu, click “Inventory.”

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Step 2: Select “Trade Offers” from the Steam Inventory screen

Now that you’re inside your Steam Inventory, the next step is clicking the “Trade Offers” button on the upper right. It’s a big blue button next to a smaller button labeled “…”. This will take users to their main trade window where they can look at their pending trades or create entirely new trade offers.

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Step 3: Click “Who can send me Trade Offers?”

Select the “Who can send me Trade Offers?” option from the list on the right-hand side.

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Step 4: Copy your Steam Trade URL

There are three sections to this page: “Friends,” “Trading Forums”, and “Third-Party Sites.” A player’s public Steam Trade URL in the third-party section. Users can copy the URL from the “Trade URL” box. Below that is the option mentioned earlier that will recreate a URL if users are being spammed with unwanted offers. If players are going to trade outside of Steam or with users who aren’t on their friends list, they’ll also want to set their inventory to “Public.” That link can be found at the top of this page by clicking “Edit privacy settings.”

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Why do I need my Steam Trade URL?

Players may want to post the link on their Twitter, or send it to someone to receive a prize they’ve won. Another reason why players might want to copy their own trade URL is to trade their items outside of Steam. This means that they can get real money for their items instead of the usual credit for the Steam Store. And as tradable items such as CSGO’s skins continue to go up in value, traders move outside of Steam to receive a fair price for selling them.

Is posting your Steam Trade URL safe?

For the most part, posting your Steam Trade URL is completely safe. It can only be used to take someone directly to the Steam Trade Dialogue. It cannot be used to hack an account, steal items, or in any other way that could compromise an account. That said, players can generate a new Steam Trade URL if someone is consistently sending unwanted trade offers to them.