How to find the perfect CSGO teammates with

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 12, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how to find better teammates in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? is the answer. is a CSGO social media site designed to help you find the perfect set of teammates. The website uses an advanced algorithm to display your gameplay stats and find other players who play at a similar level to you. Once you’ve assembled your new CSGO team, you can use’s other tools to create grenade setups, plan defaults, and more. The service is entirely free to use, and it’s the best way to find teammates and start entering online tournaments.

To find your new crew, log in using your Steam or FACEIT account. Then insert an authentication code from Steam Support found here. Add the bot on Steam to automatically parse your future matches. Finally, head to the Looking For Team section and fill out your CSGO esports profile. Once you’ve completed this form, you’ll be able to browse through every other player using the service. The old method of finding CSGO teammates by trawling HLTV, Discord, and FACEIT is effectively made obsolete thanks to

Finding CSGO teammates is just the start of what has to offer. You can test out your chemistry with the sites’ active retake servers and in-house matches. You can also coordinate grenade setups and defaults for every competitive map with an in-depth tactical board and grenade setup designer. Thanks to, finding CSGO teammates and creating a new strat book has never been easier. makes finding grenade setups with teammates easy

After you find your perfect CSGO teammates, it’s time to come up with unique strategies and grenades setups. can help you with that too. The site features a robust grenade setup planner that can help you strategize on every map. It includes options for one-way smokes, pop flashes, molotovs, and even different tick rate servers. There’s no better tool for learning default grenade setups as a team. 

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Grenades are useful, but timing and coordination matter just as much. offers a tactical board that can be used to plan all sorts of CSGO strategies. Finding defaults, executes, and retakes becomes much easier when every teammate is on the same page.

The tactical board works for every competitive map and includes a bunch of tools to convey information. is the perfect tool for finding CSGO teammates and turning your five-stack into a real team.


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