How to find or create the best Dota 2 wallpapers

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Dota 2 wallpapers let you remind yourself of your favorite hero every time you turn on your computer.

Dota 2 is a beautiful game. From the incredible ultimate animations to the stellar hero sets, there’s something cool to see at every point in a game. That’s especially true for arcanas and personas, but almost any hero looks amazing with any set of cosmetics.

Those looking to redecorate their desktop with a fancy Dota 2 wallpaper have multiple ways to go about it. These are the two best ways to find your perfect Dota 2 wallpaper.

Dota 2 fan art wallpapers

Dota 2 has millions of fans. It’s no surprise that many of them are talented artists. There are tons of Dota 2 fan art backgrounds floating around on the internet, and a lot of it makes for very good wallpapers.

The best website for finding fan art Dota 2 wallpapers is Pinterest. The Dota 2 art tag has hundreds of posts by just as many artists. They vary from simple doodles to beautiful masterpieces. Hero art is particularly popular.

There is high-definition Dota 2 fan art for every hero that can then be used as a desktop. The majority of Dota 2 wallpapers on Pinterest are meant for mobile phones, but there are plenty of desktop options as well. The minimalist series by sheron1030 looks amazing and won’t drown out desktop icons.

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Speaking of DeviantArt, that website is also a great place to find Dota 2 wallpapers. The most common tag for Dota 2 art is simply “dota.”

The best part about DeviantArt is that the images are posted directly by the artists. Artists that have posted cool Dota 2 fanart likely have a full portfolio to their name. DeviantArt also has a ton of Dota 2 cosplay, for those looking for something a bit different.

Official Dota 2 loading screen wallpapers

For something more official, there’s one more amazing source of Dota 2 wallpapers. That’s the actual Dota 2 client.

Many Dota 2 cosmetic sets come with loading screens dedicated to the set. These often depict the costumed hero squaring off with enemies or just a cool glamor shot. These images are sized to work as loading screens on most resolutions, so they work great as Dota 2-themed wallpapers.

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The easiest way to find high-definition Dota 2 loading screens is to look through your own inventory and find a good one. Set it as the loading screen and demo a hero. Take a screenshot during the loading screen, and paste it into Paint, then save it.

For any background that isn’t owned, there are plenty of wiki-type sites that have the full collection available for download. If they don’t have it saved and organized, check the set’s Steam workshop page and download it from there.