How to find and predict the best grenade throws in CSGO

By William Davis


Jun 10, 2021

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Finding the latest and greatest grenade throw setups in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive isn’t always easy. But there’s one tool that makes this task a lot more manageable.

The grenade prediction feature at SCOPE.GG is a unique software tool that allows players to find any possible grenade in CSGO. It also helps players learn some of the basic and essential grenades for every major map. This includes stand-throw and jump-throw grenades for both 64 and 128 tickrate servers. There are two primary ways to use it.

Basic mode allows you to learn basic nades, which are the key to overtaking any given bombsite or blocking off important chokepoints. To do so, first select the map and the type of grenade to use. This includes smokes, molotovs, or flashbangs. 

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Once this is done, the map will appear and show some of the most common locations where grenades are used. Clicking on one of these icons will create a pop-up window with a video that shows the lineup for the grenade.

For example, to learn how to smoke off short on Dust 2, select Dust 2 as the map and select “smoke.” A smoke grenade icon appears over short where the smoke will land. Click on the icon and a pop-up window will show a video clip that shows the lineup for the grenade, in this case one that starts from behind the basket props on the A-site platform.

How to find the best nade lineups in CSGO 

This is a valuable tool for new or casual players that want to look up the best way to do some of CSGO’s best nade lineups. It’s also useful for learning how to counter some of these tactics, as some grenades can be blocked and lineup spots can be rushed.

Can you throw a smoke grenade from goose to short on Dust 2? What about a molotov from car to coffins on Inferno? Is there any possible way to hit a player camping toxic with an HE grenade from monster? These are the questions that’s advanced search feature is designed to answer.

Users can select key areas of the map and click on them. After selecting a specific grenade type, players can click a location on the map. This will show all possible landing spots for each type of grenade.

This is the best way to determine if specific lineups are possible and to discover creative possibilities. For those who like playing a specific site every round on the CT side, seeing every possible smoke or molotov is quite useful.


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