How to determine the quality of online games

By William Davis


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Quality assurance is an important component in the game development process, but not every developer approaches this the same way or has the budget needed to do it effectively.

Some may wonder whether a casino game is worth playing. Maya Duarte Alvarado, an expert working for CasinoHEX (Spain), gave her take on the matter. She has years of experience in the gaming niche and has valuable knowledge on how to recognize the best online games with the highest quality. According to Maya, there are several points to assess in the online game to find out its quality.

Software game provider

It is crucial to find out who has developed a game you want to play. If it comes from a popular game developer with a good reputation, there are high chances that its product will be outstanding. Naturally, it is better to choose games from developers who have been in the gambling market for several years already and can boast excellent customer support.

Another aspect connected with the provider is the technology used in the game. There are companies that follow the latest trends and implement state-of-art solutions into their releases. These may be games with virtual and augmented reality, new interesting features, and ultra rewarding bonus games. Therefore, when you see the game for the first time, find out what company has created it.


Every good game should have 4 key elements for it to be successful and appreciated by players. These are:

  • Gameplay: A game with interesting gameplay must be interactive, immersive, have easy and clear control, etc.
  • Story: A game usually has a theme but some examples even tell the story that makes the process of playing more exciting and meaningful.
  • Art design and graphics: The quality of graphics and sound are extremely important for a game since it should have its unique style and be visually appealing to players.
  • Challenge: Players start playing to overcome challenges and want to know what awaits them at the end of the adventure, so they enjoy the process of accomplishing different stages and look forward to new achievements.


Every game is developed with a number of characteristics that may open several important points to a player. First of all, these are requirements to the machine since some games may need more powerful devices to work. Secondly, these are the rules of the game. Players should have a clear understanding of what they should do to become winners. Thirdly, these are restrictions. Some games can’t be accessed by kids or by obsessed gamblers, so they must be subjected to control and segregate players if necessary.

Content updates and refinement

A game should develop based on modern trends. If it was released several years ago and has not been updated since, the quality of this game will drop relative to competition each year. The reason for that is the release of more innovative and technologically advanced games that will make great competition to older examples.


Lots of modern games suffer from cheat software and hacks. Casino games are no different, but players can be cheated by the creator rather than another player. At the same time, real money games should be subjected to cheating control to guarantee the best gaming experience to players. Therefore, it is better to look for games tested for fairness by third parties. 


One more way to find whether the game is good is its rating. Reviews are important and a good indicator of how good a game is. It goes without saying that people have different tastes, but if there are few reports about bugs, negative experience, and other important drawbacks, the rating of the game will be quite high.


The best games from modern developers can be nominated for popular awards. The most renowned among them is The Game Awards that recognizes the most decent releases of the year in a variety of nominations. If a game has this or any other reward, paying attention to it is a must since only the best examples deserve it!

There are several important criteria that help to understand if an online game can boast good or even excellent quality. This isn’t to say only the best games need to be played, as each player will have their own tastes. But make sure you’re not wasting your time or getting swindled.


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