How to defeat Director Clavell in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By Melany Moncada


Nov 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has three possible paths for players to choose from. One of the paths, known as the Starfall Street story will have players battling against authority, literally. This guide will teach you how to defeat Director Clavell.

Players first meet Director Clavell the principal of the Naranja/Uva Academy. Director Clavell is in charge of handling the starters and is heavily involved in the Starfall Street storyline.

At some point in their journey, players will have to battle against Director Clavell, and defeating him is not an easy task. Director Clavell uses Pokemon level 60, so a weak team won’t be enough to take him down. The team used by Director Clavell will be determined by the chosen starter, so that’s another detail to keep in mind.

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How to defeat Director Clavell

Based on the starter you chose, you must prepare the rest of your team to face Director Clavell.

  • Sprigatito:  Oranguru, Abomasnow, Polteageist, Gyrarados, Amoonguss, and Skelredige.
  • Fuecoco: Oranguru, Abomasnow, Polteageist, Houndoom, Amoonguss, and Quaquaval.
  • Quaxly: Oranguru, Abomasnow, Polteageist, Houndoom, Gyarados, and Meowscarada.

Notice how the final Pokemon is the direct counter to your starter and the most powerful on Director Clavell’s team.

For the first part of the battle, you will need a combination of different types that must include Bug, Dark, Rock, and Electric type. All Pokemon must be above level 50, as close to level 60 as possible. It is also fundamental to have plenty of potions and healing items coming into this battle.

If you survive the first five rounds, buckle up because the final Pokemon is even more difficult. Clavell’s final Pokemon can Terastallize, so it is important to save your own Terastallized Pokemon up to this point. The safest bet is using a direct counter.

  • Fire is weak against Water
  • Water is weak against Grass
  • Grass is weak against Fire

Defeating Director Clavell has prize money of 13,420, an excellent reward that will help you get ready to take on the rest of the game.