How to complete the Gladiator mission in Honkai: Star Rail

By Melany Moncada


May 8, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Honkai: Star Rail has different side quests and missions for players to complete. One of them is the Gladiator mission, so here is how to complete every level.

Jarilo-VI is the first planet players visit in Honkai: Star Rail. On this planet, players will get to explore Belobog, the Overworld, and the Underworld. The Gladiator mission can be found in the Underworld, more specifically in Boulder Town.

How to access the Gladiator mission in Honkai: Star Rail

To access this mission, players must have reached Trailblaze Level 18 and complete the Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One. Players are also required to complete the Ring and Stage II mission.

Once you meet the criteria, head to the Fight Club, where you must talk to Dr. Dig and ask him to put you in the next fight.

How to complete the Gladiator mission in Honkai: Star Rail

The Gladiator mission has five different levels, which means five different fights. Players can take it one at a time or run through all five fights at once. It is important to note that each level is more difficult than the previous one. Low-level characters can manage the first round but are likely to fail in the second.

Round 1

  • Best Elements: Lightning and Wind
  • Best Characters: Serval and Dan Heng

In the first round, players will encounter two Automaton Spiders. At that point in the game, you will be familiar with this opponent. The best strategy is to focus on one of the Automaton Spiders. Once you defeat it, the Spider will detonate, damaging the remaining opponent.

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Round 2

  • Best Elements: Lightning, Wind, Ice, and Fire
  • Best Characters: Serval, Dan Heng, Asta, and March 7th

In this round, you will fight a Vagrant and an Automaton Beetle. These are relatively easy opponents. The strategy is the same, focus on the Automaton Beetle to trigger the explosion.

Round 3

  • Best Elements: Lightning, Wind, and Fire
  • Best Characters: Serval, Dan Heng, and Asta

In the third round, opponents start to get sturdier, and here, you face the Automaton Grizzly for the first time. It will summon two Automaton Spiders, and these should be the early focus. Destroy the Spiders first and go for the Grizzly next.

Round 4

  • Best Elements: Lightning, Ice, and Fire
  • Best Characters:March 7th, Serval, and Asta

The fourth round brings an Automaton Direwolf and a Vagrant. As usual, attack the weaker opponent first. In this round, March 7th is the key to the victory. The Direwolf uses the Lock On Target ability, which can be countered by March 7th’s shield. Protect the target with the shield and let the rest of the team do the damage.

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Round 5

  • Best Elements: Ice, Wind, and Lightning
  • Best Characters: March 7th, Serval, Dan Heng, Herta

The fifth and final round is the most challenging, as expected. Here, you will face a Grizzly and a Direwolf, plus two Spiders. Again, the Spiders should be the first targets and the Direwolf next. Any character that can provide a shield or a heal should be prioritized for the team.

Stacking double elements can help defeat the enemies faster, consider a double Ice team with March 7th and Herta. Or Double Wind with Dan Heng and Bronya if you are lucky enough to have her.